Issa still pushing bailout lie

Though his acolyte Dennis Ross is careful to refer to an “alleged” bailout if the federal government returns any of the billions of dollars it overcharged the US Postal Service, self proclaimed “watchdog” Darrell Issa still insists it IS a bailout. Ironically, he didn’t feel that way when he was getting contributions and endorsements from the NALC .

Darrell- it’s not your money- it came from US Postal Service customers.

GOP Watchdog @RepDennisRoss leading tough #oversight of #USPS to prevent a taxpayer-funded bailout VIDEO: 06 via TweetDeck

Here’s one reaction to Issa’s tweet:

@DarrellIssa Wall Street is stilling stealing America blind and you r pounding ur chest over #USPS oversight?? Seriously? #gopfailMar 06 via TweetDeck

… and another:

@DarrellIssa @RepDennisRoss The post office doesn’t need a ‘bailout’ they need that annual $5bil retirement fund payment reduced. #wakeup!Mar 06 via web

and another:

@DarrellIssa @RepDennisRoss And yet Wall Street perpetrates the biggest fraud scam in modern history but you do nothing…amazing.Mar 06 via web

Update: Maybe we shouldn’t be so hard on Darrell- after all, the watchdog czar has had a rough week!

Earlier this week, Issa spokesman Bardella was fired after Politico reported that Bardella had been secretly sharing other journalists’ emails with a New York Times reporter working on a book. The New Yorker’s Ryan Lizza subsequently reported that “inside Issa’s office there was no secret about Bardella’s cooperation” with the Times reporter, raising even more questions about Oversight Committee’s handling of reporter emails. And on Monday, The Watchdog Institute reported that Issa’s committee is stocked with “staff members with close connections to industries that could benefit from his investigations.”

Who could have predicted that a congressman whose past includes arrests for weapons charges and auto theft, suspicions of arson, and accusations of intimidation with a gun would have difficulty with ethics?

Read more about Issa’s ethical lapses.

Or save time and read the twitter version:

Car-Jacking, Arsonist @DarrellIssa‘s Back In Ethical Hot Water With Trade Show Snafu #Lies#GOP#AntiAmericaMar 06 via TweetDeck


    Darrell Does Indeed Follow The Money!!! Look how much he makes. He probably wants his benefits cut LOL!!!!!

  • bobbag13

    When will you ever pull your head out of the ground LMAO IF I said it the other way My post will be deleted THE POST OFFICE RECEIVES NO TAX DOLLARS STUPID we make our money off of stamps and how you both, you and Ross say our money should pay for the government pensions that do receive tax dollars PS I LOVE HOW YOU BOTH BLOCK EVERYTHING ON YOUR PAGES THAT DONT AGREED WITH YOU LMAO TARDS

  • Poor Richard

    So Issa spelled backwards…?

  • soon to retire

    When are you going to learn, as a government employee you can vote for a frick n righty! I can’t believe a union gave that jackass Issa money towards his relection. You deserve what you get then. Just like Wisconsin, they wanted new leadership so they voted for a frick n righty. They deserve what their getting! Have you learned your lesson yet?

  • dryMAILman

    I have less trouble with the fact that he’s a Republican, car-jacking, arsonist, and more trouble with the fact that he’s a politician.

  • steve lee

    this guy should be in jail! Not in charge of the oversight committee! Read about his past arrests, etc!