USPS has cut over 22,000 career employees in the last 12 months

Reports filed with the Postal Regulatory Commission show that the US Postal Service has reduced its career workforce by 22,334 employees over the last twelve months, from 595,316 down to 572,982, a reduction of 3.8%.

Ironically, the largest share of the reductions came in the letter carrier craft, the segment of the postal workforce least sensitive to volume fluctuations. (Carrier workload is affected more by the number of delivery points, which continue to increase as volume declines.) In the first quarter of the postal fiscal year, reductions in letter carrier staffing were largely offset by increased overtime.

Clerks had the next largest reduction, with 7,780 fewer employees, a drop of 4.8%. Mailhandlers were down 1,794, or 3.6%. Career rural carriers dropped by 1,038, or 1.5%. Supervisors and managers decreased by 1,015, or 3.6%. Headquarters staffing was down 91 employees, or 3.1%

ORPES Feb PP05 2011

  • Lawrence Croft

    I don’t know where you got your info… Unless your talking about retirements , where they don’t replace the employees and eliminate their position altogether???

  • brian

    Lawrence- the info comes from the ORPES report, which you can read for yourself above. It’s just a count of how many people are actually on the payroll at a given point in time. People leave the USPS all the time, whether by retiring, resigning, whatever. In case you haven’t noticed, though, the USPS hasn’t been hiring many career employees the last few years.

  • common-sense

    Ah the irony…management ranks had the least percentage drop and they don’t touch the mail.

  • JL

    Looks like wise/compassionate management, utilizing TEs and OT to deliver, so when 5 day delivery comes, no career carriers are affected.

  • So There

    common-sense – You need to reread the article. Rural carriers had the least percentage decrease at 1.5%. Managers/supervisors decreased by 3.6%, same as mailhandlers.

  • Tom


    You have to start selling the NEW postal uniform. It’s a pair of cut-offs, sandals, a Spuds McKenzie t-shirt, preferable full of holes and a ball cap with an offensive slogan, worn backwards. There’ll be a BIG market for these as the part-time workforce takes over. You’re welcome.


    I used to be allowed to order my own uniforms on my own dime, now I am unable to without a clothing allotment card, which my super. will not get for me. I called HR and they mentioned my super. would need to fill out a worksheet to get me a card, but its been two years, and now I can fit my finger through some of the holes on many of my shirts, its apparent in my office who gets the ‘card’ and who gets the turned up nose. Rumour has it there is leadership in some offices, hear-say, just hear-say.

  • NICK

    clerks are needed more than managers. service around the country is pitiful due to short staffing.

  • TJ

    Ok so lets think about this, Heck ya they should get rid of more management positions!!! Do you know why? Because they make the most money for not doing much!!!
    They take most of the jobs from the people that make the post office and that do all the customer service. It makes no sense to pay a postmaster $70000 or more to run a little tiny PO that doesn’t make hardly anything. We have a postmaster and 3 other managers all in one office of about 15 routes. How do you pay wages for 4 high paying positions in a smaller town? Its like buying a BMW when you work at McDonalds one day a week. How do you pay for that BMW on that wage. You can’t!!!



  • FVratt1

    Reductions or replacement of mailhandlers at P&DC’s should be looked at. A significant number of mailhandlers at FV take extra long breaks, hour or longer lunches, wander around, visit, unauthorized smoke and coke breaks. Talk/text while on work floor. Not me though, just my co-workers. 🙂

  • Ghost of Reagan

    Interesting…Cut the number of carriers and clerks and watch the OT levels go up! So March 25 we’ll see more of the same or will we see some mgmt folks get cut loose? No sense makes sense, so HOLY CRAP!!!

  • Lexus

    Let’s all hold it together. March 25th will generate more Management cuts. 25-30% administrative positions. With that, more work to the field managers. With that, less attention to clerks, carriers , customers. Let’s hope all the talk about who needs my supervisor/PM plays out when craft employees are left unmanaged. Will sick leave go up while productivities go down ?? Let’s just wait and see who needs who ??