Ross: Never mind pension overpayments- get rid of workers

At today’s subcommittee hearing, Congressman Dennis Ross appeared unimpressed by the billions the USPS has overpaid in retirement obligations, and, according to Post & Parcel, said the agency needed to get rid of workers- and not just by attrition or early retirement offers:

Congressman Dennis Ross, the chairman of the subcommittee, said in his opening remarks to the hearing that modifying pre-funding requirements for USPS retiree pension and benefit funds “do not address the long-term systemic problems and solvency issues” the Postal Service faced.He said work force reductions had to be the “primary focus” of the Postal Service, its unions and Congress to improve financial stability. And, noting that negotiations between the Postal Service and its unions were currently underway, he added that in his opinion it was not enough to cut staff numbers by attrition and early retirements.

via Congressmen call for job-cutting priority at USPS | Post & Parcel.

  • trout

    I keep saying…keep voting for Republiclowns they are after your job….and of cours are totally clueless

  • therealworld

    The USPS paid out almost a billion dollars in overtime in the first quarter. We don’t need to cut workers ,we need to send at least 50% of the poor quality managers back to working for a living.We need to stop harassing the customers for an ego boost !

  • Postal50

    get rid of Postmasters and lazy managements who only wants to earn money for doing nothing.

  • paulpeff

    Being a postal clerk for 35 yrs. I am used to Congress smearing postal employees. Of course, Congress loves U.S.P.S. giving them billions in overpayment to bail them out of their financial mistakes and they’re not about to give it up!


    ROSS you are close we need to get rid of your job your nothing but a leach on society. Please resign if you are that concerned of the financial woes. You are not needed. We work and produce something you sit on your fat ass giving yourself raises. Take good look in the mirror and you will see what we all see.

  • deere

    We need to cut congress jobs they dont do anything productive but spend other peoples money and think of ways to hurt the economy but cutting and running jobs out of this country instead of placeing tarriffs on things made in other countrys to make manufactures come back here.

  • John B

    What a clown. Completely ignore the problem and in typical right wing fashion blame it on the workforce. If Mr. Ross would actually get off the reactionary train long enough maybe he could look at the figures from the most recent quarter or just January to see that the USPS would be in the black if not for the pre-funding obligation. A requirement that no other entity in America is required to fulfill. These guys are all about tax cuts to stimulate, well it seems to me that if they would allow USPS access to the over funding and allow them to use it toward the pre-funding requirement, it would be the equivalent of giving USPS a de facto tax cut that would for probably the first time in history actually stimulate instead of enrich.

  • JIM R.


  • Haywood Jablome

    Hey …… Idiot Ross……go home and take your PROZAC!

  • Barb

    Yea I agree with the OT issue. For instance, brining people in for two hours of overtime and then letting people GHE on the same tour. Who makes these ridiculous decisions?

  • Char

    And NOW they come for us. Wake up folks!!!

  • Realistic

    Do the people who post here “get rid of management” realize how ridiculous they sound? You might as well buy advertising space saying “we are the 10% of craft who do nothing and want to deflect the attention to cutting management so we can continue to do nothing”. For the rest of us employees, Ross makes no sense at all with a statement like that and he won’t gather support making outrageous statements, so I hope he keeps making outrageous statements!!!

  • So There!

    Well said “Realistic”. Of course Ross wants to fire more employees; the Republicans want to keep the unemployment rate high so they can use it against the Democrats in 2012.

  • Johnnydee

    Ross like many other uninformed politicians who get free mail as do the blind , you are one flamin moran !!! Do you really know where the money goes !!! Look back to the 1st great depression and see where the postal corruption was and still is !! If you are too ignorant to find it check with the New Haven register !!!

  • Danny

    We need more carriers less management!
    We have stupid-visors carrying mail we are
    So short handed. At least they are getting in
    An honest days work finally!! Keep up the good
    Work Ross I’ll take some V time!

  • Retired 44

    Another attack on labor. Brace yourself folks, this is only the beginning. Republicans are hell bent on moving ahead with their anti-labor agenda.

  • Johnnydee

    Oops spellin error but who cares !!!
    Ever hear that joke about lawyers ???
    What do you call 1000 lawyers at bottom of sea ????
    A . A good start !!! Guess what folks what do lawyers become often ?? Congress pukes !!! Not sayin they are all bad !! There may a few good ones left

  • Johnnydee

    When management abuses their authority and the checks and balances of the OIG who is suppose to keep them in check fails !!! What do you get !!! Corruption !!! Just like the greedy politicians


    Mr. Ross, Maybe you should ask the “IDIOT” who invented the CORE where your “TOP DOLLARS” went!! Then maybe, you’ll still have the money for better use, than a “BRAIN LESS”, computer that does not know how to do a CARRIER’S JOB! THINK TWICE before you spend what’s not needed in the BUDGET!

  • therealworld

    We only have have two types of deadbeats in our office. Lazy managers and lazy maintenance workers. Neither do over 1.5hrs of work/day. Privatize the cleaning of the buildings because it is not even being done now.

  • Mr. Knowitall

    Ross is reading from one of the three flash cards all Republicans in Congress were handed before their swearing in ceremony in January. I read it in Roll Call.

  • johnnydee

    To the real world !! Try reading the ms-47 and figure our why management couldn’t be left to assess the cleaning situations at various facilities and arb ruled had re implement the ms-47 . Yes there are lazy people in many crafts those are the ones that need to be weeded out if any . Most of the time management did us a favor and promoted them to management !! Now they are stuck with the incompetent ones !! Why do you think many of them aren’t trusted by upper management so they have no choice but to micro manage !!!

  • Postbowler

    If the Postal Service really wanted to save money instead of forcing rural carriers to take FSS and DPS to the street. They would be trying to get all City and Rural carriers to case everything in the office to cut back on fuel expense if the postal service would try to combine the 2 crafts rural and city and pay an hourly rate for in office work such as casing mail and evaluated street time for all carriers. It would give Management the chance to keep an eye on employees to make sure they are working to the best of their ability in the office and give the carriers an incentive to work faster on the street.

  • postal worker

    He’s right, volume gone, need to cut 200k by end of year, all types craft and management.But looking at these comments it appears postal workers think they are entitled to a job, think again.

  • donnie

    Its too late to cry those of U that voted republican/ tea party wanted them office be careful what U wish for U just might get it…..

  • Realistic

    @ Postal Worker… you are correct, based on comments, postal workers think they are entitled to a job. It’s a shame, because, not all, but many of the comments posted here are from the deadbeats and that gives the perception that it is everyone. It amazes me how many comments point the finger at everyone else but themselves.. these are the ones dragging the service down more than anyone!! 90% of employees are honest hard working people who want this business to survive and thrive … reminder is needed after reading many of these posts.

  • PostalSupervisor

    Everyone seems to agree that the Postal service has some dumb plans and directions, frontline supervisors have to implement these mandates all while keeping the mail moving and the people motivated. Most craft employees in the postal service are honest hardworking people, but the vital few that milk the system make everyones job harder. Carriers, clerks, and in office management need to be a team, and work together with each other,not against.

  • tony

    To all who attack management, try to do my job. I spend more hours for no pay than you can dream about. Managers don’t go into bars for three hours drinking beer and scanning MSP points. Managers don’t open packages to get drugs. managers don’t open birthday cards for gift cards. managers don’t throw mail away so they don’t have to deliver it. Managers don’t submit 3996’s for overtime not needed. (which is stealing) Managers don’t call in sick to get a day off. I take one week of annual a year. I could go on and on. When you attack managers it tells me you don’t do you job that you are compensated for and fall into one of these catagories.

  • Oldschool

    Hey therealworld,
    You must work at the East York PA post office.

  • Bigwheel

    America voted for this.. And this is the way that republicans will provide jobs????


  • Gregg

    Forget about what this Goofball had to say!! Freshman Cong.Ross should not have been appointed to the head of the subcommitee to begin with.Little or no knowledge of how the USPS operates,and a very short time to address the issues.Of course he started with the prefunding thing.DAH!!Then he said we need to reduce our workforce.OK.With all the closing of Post Offices and plans to to consoladate,sounds like a great time to offer a VER.Keep in mind that many of my fellow Postal Workers have had to relocate,sell there homes,move the family,get the kids in a new school etc!!Can not be an easy thing to do.Does Cong.Ross have knowledge of this?? Doubt it.He also does not know about all the small towns that will suffer,once there P.O is gone.One postive note from this hearing.Mr.Lynch(Mass.) really gave OPM a tongue lashing for not being a little more flexible with the USPS.Amen Mr.Lynch!! Maybe you should chair the subcommitee.Reduce the current nunber of employees from 570,000 to 400,000.How??Start by offering a VER to ALL eligible employees.Good start.Maybe ask OPM AGAIN,for authorization to include an incentive(half a years salary),which they refused PMG Donahoe’s first request.My guess is that this would be enough for many CSRS employees to call it a career.Then in the meantime,while OPM is doin there thing to process all the paperwork,the USPS can hire PTF and TE’s,who get less pay and less benefits.Yes,that’s what the USPS wants.A lot of people will be hired for these positions.They will be happy making $19-$21 a hour.Good money!! But,it will not be the USPS as most of us know it.To much technology and very litlle of the human aspect.Welcome to the 21st century USPS!!!

  • 26 years

    There are poor workers in all areas of the Post Office – JUST LIKE IN CONGRESS and any other business. Most are good people trying to make a living. We’re all aware that changes are happening and going to continue to happen. Change is NOT easy but it’s coming and it’s not going to be pretty. Congress is hell bent on privatizting the USPS and this could certainly be their opportunity. Pay attention to what’s going on – let your congressmen/women know your opinion. THis union issue in Wisconsin is gonna spread like wildfire across our nation. People have always been jealeous of the good paying jobs we’ve had it appears they’ve forgotten the reason for unions. Hang in there brothers and sisters, do your job the best you can and pray like heck. We’re in for a bumpy road ahead.-

  • hanibal

    Have the lambs stop screaming Dennis??????????

  • Retiree

    I sure hope all of you Postal employees that voted Republican enjoy the fact that they are now going after your JOBS, How do you like them NOW! Wake UP !!!

  • Jerry

    I like how my “fellow workers” call for custodians to be replaced by contract workers as if all clerks and mailhandlers are real go getters. Go after those who really need to replaced there “tehrealworld.” By the way, what real world do you live in? I think it is morons like you who call attention to their fellow workers who are the real problem with our system. You are always better than someone else. Get a life , moron.