Congressman calls on PMG to spare Gary IN plant

WASHINGTON, Feb. 28 — Rep. Peter Visclosky, D-Ind. (1st CD), issued the following news release:

In support of the Gary Processing and Distribution Center in Gary, Indiana, Congressman Pete Visclosky today sent the following letter to the Postmaster General of the United States Postal Service.

Mr. Patrick R. Donahoe
Postmaster General and Chief Executive Officer
United States Postal Service
475 L’Enfant Plaza SW
Washington, D.C. 20260-2202

Dear Postmaster Donahoe:

I write to respond to a letter sent to my office by the United States Postal Service regarding a study of the Gary Processing and Distribution Center in Gary, Indiana. I wish to express my strong support for keeping this facility open and my opposition to the consolidation of its operations elsewhere.

As a reliable local employer, the Gary Processing and Distribution Center is a critical component of the economy in the City of Gary and for the greater Northwest Indiana community. The Gary facility serves as the distribution center for not only its own neighborhood, but many suburban and rural areas in our region, all of which need efficient, timely mail service. I am greatly concerned that this service will be impeded should the United States Postal Service decide to consolidate the facility. Furthermore, I am confident that public input and comments will confirm the vital role that the Gary Processing and Distribution Center plays in surrounding communities.

Please do not to hesitate to contact me personally, or feel free to have the appropriate member of your staff contact my Chief of Staff, Mark Lopez, in my Merrillville Office at 219-795-1844, if you are in need of additional information.


Peter J. Visclosky

Member of Congress

Cc: Mr. E. Lynn Smith, District Manager, Greater Indiana District

  • Gregg

    Excellent letter Con.Visclosky.To bad it’s falling on deaf ears.The USPS is looking for a short term solution,for a long time problem.Closing and consolidations is the short term solution.End result,we may survive to provide services to less people in fewer areas.But maybe,the USPS will have saved money by doing these things.Only the people we serve,all the customers that have daily mail service and people who depend on having medicine delivered to the door or Po Box will suffer.What a shame that the USPS forgets about these folks.Sad.When the Post Office leaves small town America,then most everyone else follows.Will they come back?? Probably not.

  • JOE

    Here we go again. The PO is trying to make things right for there business and we have our polititions trying to block there way. Remember who got the post office in this mess in the first place.

  • Dude

    Gregg, If you had ever been through or worked with or for the Gary plant you they are a long term problem so consolidating the gary plant would fix many service issue…well hopefully fix, since one never knows, but i doubt it would be any worse

  • Truth

    We need to be more open minded during these economic times that are requiring all public and privates business to make drastic changes in order to continue serving the public without over extending its operation cost. USPS has provided a service that has far exceed the customer’s satisfaction compared to the cost of its service. If these changes in the business model are not made then eventually cost further exceeds revenue and USPS will be unable to provide a service. The USPS services the USA, not just one state or locality. Please understand that there will be sacrifices in service to few areas, but the USPS has always maintained phenomenal service regardless. “Just cutting off the unnecessary fat.” Have you notice that Scott toilet tissue has reduced the width and length of it’s rolls and you paying more. The rolls no longer fit your dispensers, but you still get the same service from that product and I don’t here anyone complaining about that…… The Honorable Congressman should be truthful to his voters and let them know that these changes are necessary unless he agrees that the USPS should receive a monetary stimulus support.