Ross: OMB refusing to testify at hearing on USPS finances

Congressman Dennis Ross, chairman of the House subcommittee that oversees the US Postal Service, says that the Office of Management and Budget is “refusing ” to testify at the hearing scheduled for Wednesday:

OMB refusing to testify at our Oversight Hearing this Wed. on the looming financial crisis in the postal service. 28 via web

Ross’s tweet links to the February 17 Daily Caller story headlined “USPS gets short-term relief from Obama’s 2012 budget, but some call it a bailout”. The Daily Caller never identifies who the “some” are, and the only source quoted in the story says emphatically that the budget provision is not a bailout. That didn’t stop Fox News from blaring its infamous and totally fictitious “Obama’s $4 Billion Taxpayer Bailout of the Postal Service” headline.

Update: Alan Robinson notes “The loss of OMB as a witness eliminates the possibility of putting the Obama administration on the record on postal policy. The reference to the Daily Caller article raises concerns that the focus of the committee may be on the “bailout” and not the future of the future of the Postal market.”