APWU Bargaining Committee to Meet; But There is No Tentative Agreement

APWU President Cliff Guffey has called the Rank-and-File Bargaining Advisory Committee to Washington, DC for a briefing on contract negotiations, but he said a tentative agreement has not been reached. The panel will meet on March 2 with members of the union’s negotiating team.

“We have been meeting with the Postal Service regularly,” Guffey said, “and although progress has been slow, we feel it is important to update the committee on our discussions.

“I know that all our members want to hear details about negotiations,” he said. “Unfortunately, it is not appropriate to disclose the specifics while talks are continuing.

“I ask union members for their continued patience and support as the process unfolds,” Guffey added. “We are determined to negotiate an agreement that benefits union members and that will strengthen the Postal Service for long run.”

The union’s negotiating team is composed of President Guffey, Executive Vice President Greg Bell, Director of Industrial Relations Mike Morris, Clerk Craft Director Rob Strunk, Maintenance Craft Director Steve Raymer, Motor Vehicle Craft Director Bob Pritchard, and Support Services Craft Director Bill Manley.

The members of the Rank-and-File Bargaining Committee are: Clarise Torrence, president, New York Metro Area Local; Koquise Nolan, president, Oklahoma City Area Local; Gwen Ivey, president, Philadelphia Area Local; Bob Dempsey, president, Boston Metro Area Local; Larry Miller, president, 480-481 Area Local; Mike McDonald, MVS director, Massachusetts Postal Workers Union; Debra McDaniel, Mail Equipment Shop Local; MacLawrence Ford, president, Indianapolis Area Local; Chuck Pugar, president, Pittsburgh Metro Area Local; Robert Johnson, president, Greater Connecticut Area Local; Carolyn Pierce, president, Broward County Area Local; John Driver, president, Greater Los Angeles Area Local; Marcie Ryan, Eastern Region Spokesperson, Deaf/Hard of Hearing Task Force.

Each member of the union’s National Executive Board names one person to the committee; a 14th member, appointed by the president, is a representative from the APWU Deaf/Hard of Hearing Task Force. In accordance with the APWU Constitution and Bylaws, any tentative agreement between the union and management must be approved by a majority of the committee before it can be submitted to members for a ratification vote.

The current Collective Bargaining Agreement was scheduled to expire Nov. 20, 2010, but the union and management agreed to extend bargaining. The contract will remain in effect until a new agreement is reached through negotiation, mediation, or arbitration.

  • Jim

    The APWU is wasting their time. They have extended the contract for over 3 months and nothing is going to change. They are afraid to go to arbitration because they know they will get a bad deal in this economy.

  • Larry

    The Postal service want to cut our salry and benefits. they think the 1.2 percent we have gotten these last few years is too much.
    But they have no problem giving themselves hugh salaries with very little to do. Truth is layoffs are looming for all thos ewith less than 6 years on the job

  • Tony

    VERA now and all should take it!

  • Obama23

    I know this guy Robert Johnson who is the President from the Greater Connecticut Area Local and he is one real smart and tricky guy. APWU should get these other pikers out of the negotiations and let Johnson in the room and negotiate. He’ll pick management’s pocket real good and get a great contract for APWU members…

  • Trent

    Go to arbitration, already! We will get a much better deal that way. The USPS is just stalling, waiting to see what the fallout is from the upcoming management RIFs. If they do offer an incentive to retire, that would open up spots in the various crafts for former managers possibly go into, rather than be fired.

  • frank

    We need to go to five days.

  • Gregg

    The USPS is looking for a quick fix instead of a long term solution.Yes,we are losing money.Yes, first class mail volume has declined.Yes,operating expenses have increased.Yes,fuel prices are on the rise.And so many more reasons not listed.In every area of this country,Post Offices will either close,or operations will be moved to another location.Small towns do not have a P.O.anymore.Some USPS employees will lose their jobs.Local business will dwindle.If the people who are proposing these changes because of the decreasing mail volume;e-mail bill payments;rising operating costs etc…think that is a solution,WRONG!! Just a short term solution affecting millions of dedicated carriers,clerks,mail handlers,maintence and of course,our customers.All of this is going on from virtually no help from OPM.The USPS needs to “thin”the EAS and upper tier postions quickly.How many millions(billions)would be saved if 2,500 EAS who are eligible take that VERA?? After all is said and done,a VERA for all crafts should be offered.OPM should authorize a $25,000 for all eligible employees.Many employees under CSRS,like myself,would take this offer.We win and so does the USPS,in the long run.We get to retire and enjoy life out West and they get a lower paid,more flexible,less benifits work force.Exactly what they had in mind!!However,the customers we serve may or may not be in it for the long run!!

  • Rich

    WE are at the point, where, should the Obama Administration need to support us…they will.


    As a 34 year City Carrier, (obviously CSRS),. I will CONTINUE to show up every day and carry my route…at least for the forseeable future.

    UNLESS…the Postal Service WAKES UP and realizes they can hire YOUNGER…FASTER…and most importantly…CHEAPER NEW EMPLOYEES to replace me. Hey…25 years ago I was a classic “Runner”…why…because I was full of fire and energy and loved being outside!

    Tens of THOUSANDS of young people that NEED JOBS are out there, just waiting to get their chance.


    $25,000 (suggested earlier as a buyout offer) is not a lot…will be recouped quickly with new young blood…and The USPS will have the chance to thrive again!


  • brian

    Why is the perfect solution to the supposed problem “give me $25,000”?

  • don

    Arbitration will be a loss for the APWU and any other union who chooses that route. Accept the 5% reduction in salaries and benefits being offered by management. Arbitrators will look at the outcome at GM and conclude a larger reduction is in order. EAS needs to be reduced but lets be real. At most the savings is $50-100 million. USPS needs billions not millions per year. The real solution is to let private licensed companies take on some of the Postal jobs. Test it and see what happens. A good Postal employee will make more money which is demonstrated by companies like UPS. The dogs who milk OT and have low productivity will be easier to remove. It should be a gradual process so that anyone wanting to retire out should have that opportunity. USPS as we have known it is a dinosaur and won’t survive in current form. The big bang was the internet and companies like Google and Facebook where advertising is migrating to. Smart rank and file understand this and want to leave. The staunch union types will never face reality.