Congressman Ross analyzes the postal worksharing discount litigation

Congressman Dennis Ross, the new chairman of the House subcommittee that over sees the US Postal Service, had this to say about the workshare discount litigation we reported on earlier today:

USPS takes Postal Regulatory Comm. to court | | It’s like gov’t version of Jr. vs. Sr. on Orange County Choppers.Feb 22 via web

Update: the Congressman responded to our post a few minutes later:

@postalnews I wouldn’t call it analysis as much as befuddlement. There has to be a better way. If barriers needs knocking down, lets do itFeb 22 via web

prompting this response:

@RepDennisRoss @postalnews Either its cheaper for USPS to do the work or it isnt. Cant b more free market than thatFeb 22 via web

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  • Poor Richard

    Take away Congressional Franking Privileges and require the Honorable Members to budget mailings at a rate that equals that of thier constituants required payments.

  • OG

    Rep. Dennis Ross wants to knock barriers down … (yeah right) … we already know his agenda is to privatize as much of USPS as he can and is definitely against “collective bargaining” rights.
    At least USPS HQ can seek a court judgment regarding the “worksharing” discounts just as they took PRC to court in the “postage increase case.” What exactly is Dennis Ross proposing anyway? So far we only heard hogwash from him.



  • BOBBAG13

    I hate to sy that you are the biggest dope in congress NOT YOU ARE

  • Mailer

    The federal government forces the USPS to feed its profits to large private contractors. It only benefits 1% of postal customers and 99% get to pay the rate increases to cover the losses.

    Guaranteed profits legislated for the wealthiest companies, while they help destroy the industry off which they feed. The kleptocratic vampires can’t help but drink until their host is dead.

  • trout

    I say we knock down the good Congressman during the next cycle. Comparing this to Orange county choppers shows his ignorance. Obviously these politicians have no idea what they are trying to regulate. After many meetings with them it has always been obvious to me that they are clueless without aides. Again, I must emphasize, keep voting for Republiclowns, they are after our jobs. Next they will want to take away our collective bargaining rights as well. Instead of blaming others for this that or the other things lets stick with facts and do our jobs the best we can.