New postal overseer: “Public sector unions must go”

We told you on Friday that freshman Congressman Dennis Ross, the new chairman of the subcommittee that oversees the US Postal Service, doesn’t have a very high opinion of labor unions. Yesterday he made it clear that he doesn’t think public sector workers should be allowed to organize at all:

@crbones private sector unions were needed in the 20s and 30s. They are even helpful in some ways today. Public sector unions must go.Feb 19 via Seesmic for Android

Notwithstanding his apparent nostalgia for the Great Depression, the Congressman finds a solid tea-bagger style argument against unions: they aren’t in the Constitution!

There is no Constitutional basis for collective bargaining rights or unionization. Therefore, the President should let Wisconsin decide.Feb 19 via Seesmic for Android

… which makes you wonder which non-Constitutional organization will be next! The AAA? The Book of the Month Club? Come to think of it, is the Republican Party mentioned in the Constitution? Hmmm…

And if public sector workers defy the politicians? There’s always the “air traffic controller solution”.

I wonder how many of the 10% unemployed in America would like a job as a teacher in Wisconsin? Time for an air traffic controller solution.Feb 19 via Seesmic for Android

Postal and other federal workers may be in for an interesting two years. They may also want to ponder what will happen to their livelihoods if the GOP gains more power in 2012.

  • WeRSoF**ed

    “Let them eat cake” is the new motto of the GOP…All that talk about creating jobs, well hell, we have a new way, just fire people that belong to unions. Then that’ll open up all kinds of jobs. If you’re unemployed and totally unqualified, you can move to Wisconsin and be a teacher. We are so f**ked!

  • Letter Carrier

    I think Dennis Ross should spend 1 week as a letter carrier or any craft employee in the postal service,to see why the union is needed.The postal service mistreats and abuses thier workers on a daily basis,the only recourse we have is the union.If the postal service treated and valued thier workers like human beings instead of abusing us and treating us as if we are droppings on the bottom of thier shoe,maybe it would work.But I don’t see that happening. Upper level managment has been taught and schooled from day one to push and bully us to get what they want. I think they should do an undercover investigation on the treatment of postal service employees to see what happens on a daily basis.

  • Dipstick


  • Nutzy

    Remember the pinkertons in Homestead Pennsylvania.Looks like history will repete.

  • elitest prick

    Like the above poster I feel this man should work a week as a letter carrier or clerk and see how he gets treated by the supervisors. or even the area manager who used to work in Houston and walked around our office telling us snow doesn’t slow you down because it snowed a week ago. While he was correct in the fact it snowed a week ago the entire city was covered with 3 inches of solid ice.

  • mad hatter

    If you took a moment to look up the history of the unions, you’d
    See why they formed in the first place. Why would any sane American
    Want to go back to the dark ages? Answer: let’s not find a solution, let’s find a scapegoat that we can rally the richest to hate…the unions….Are you not satisfied with your money? You really want a class civil war? Have you noticed how many have died? for America? Do you really think they sacrificed themselves for this? For your self serving. ..Anything that puts another Buck into my pocket at the end of this fiscal quarter reasoning? You wont need foreigners to hate you, you’ll be afraid of fellow ‘americans’….look up the history idiot!!!…..perhaps read the constitution

  • Haywwod Jablome

    Then Congressman Dennis Ross is equal to a nazi

  • It’s coming….

    Yup, The Great Class War of the 21st Century is coming…The epic battle between the Elitists and the Middle Class will make Egypt look like a birthday party. Are you listening Tea Baggers?

  • tony

    Yea, letter carriers have it sooo hardddd, deliberately counting mail as they case, slowing down, crying their routes and mail are btoo big after a 40% reduction in mail, drinking beer in bars for three hours in Philly, scanning MSP points in bars, stealing gift cards, taking birthday cards…. Yea I feel sorry for you. Management must really beat you to do these things… Oh did I forget the meds carriers have stolen..

  • mad hatter

    Using exaggerations of hate of a particular group to further one’s own cause. You may be right on the mark.

  • mad hatter

    Seen both sides….bad management (ebay all day, cheap on safety until obviously a problem, falsified mail counts, falsified expenses, arrested, made the newspapers and still employed?) and bad carriers (see tonys comments above)…but ive seen good management and good carriers…We all want to get the work done…we’ll always differ on what a fair wage is…but extremists on both sides. …that we all do not need….over twenty years in….and never met anyone who wanted to be there….on both sides….

  • mike

    This is so depressing. Low income workers with conservative leanings bashing unions and identifying with rich corporate interests. “You greedy 50,000 a year union worker with benefits and with bills and kids in school, YOUR the problem!” Let’s all be working poor! The corporate rich
    gotta be laughin’ their asses off. Wal-Mart workers beating up on unions!

  • Jack

    The next NALC contract we are screwed.
    It is not because we have inept managers,
    although we do. It is not because we have
    a few lazy carriers , which we do. The problem
    is the public needs us less everyday. The Internet
    is is continuing to do us in. We are trying to sell
    horses when everyone wants a car.

  • Realistic

    @ Letter Carrier … I DID carry mail … it was and is a great job … only those who don’t want to do 8 hours work feel persecuted and abused. 10% of employeees need the unions and those are the ones who want to do as little as possible. Unions have accomplished a lot for employees over the years, but that was then and this is now. It’s not a sufficient defense to note ONLY what unions accomplished in the PAST. In the present, they only defend the non-workers, therefore part of the problem, not the solution.

  • brian

    Realistic- I don’t know what you’re complaining about- if you don’t want the pay and benefits the union has negotiated on your behalf, you don’t have to accept them. It’s also good to know that where you work, management is so perfect that no one ever files a legitimate grievance. Where is this Utopia?

  • getreal

    Everybody wants something for FREE! Question is, Who’s willing to work for FREE? After the unions are gone, what group do the extremist attack next? When do the tides turn and the have-nots decide they’ve had enough. You’d better build a bigger fence! Your rich ass might be next!

  • Guy Nohrenberg

    Before you go invoking the name “Reagan” as the basis for the republican stance against unions, do your homework. Ronald Reagan was a Union President for over 7 years! He wasn’t anti-union. The republican party should not be anti-union. He was PRO UNION but against the air traffic controllers becoming a danger to public safety through their strike. Homework is essential.

    Guy Nohrenberg

  • Robert Kincaid

    As a matter of fact the Constitution guarantees a Republican form of government. Here is the exact language in the US Constitution. ” The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion”

  • Gotitright

    What does he think the UNITED STATES ARE!.We are a UNION of states.How much more of a hypocrite can he be.He is a union member whether he likes it or not.If he doesn’t like it there is always Egypt.

  • brian

    Robert- good one! Unfortunately not a prize-winner though- the snide comment was that the Republican Party doesn’t appear in the Constitution. And no, “Republican Form of Government” doesn’t refer to the party, since it didn’t exist at the time- but thanks for playing our game!

    Gotitright- I don’t think Ross would be happy in Egypt- they DO have unions there, and they’re flexing their muscles now that Mubarak’s gone. Libya, though, might be to his liking- I’m pretty sure they would agree with Ross on unions. Better hurry though.

  • Bernie

    Never been a big union fan, but I have seen a need for them. There is a good and bad side. Looks to me that the GOP wants to send us back 2 or 3 hundred years.

  • PEON

    I was given a “just cause” interview for calling in sick after a three day week-end. I was fighting the flu all week-end, called in sick Monday and Tuesday, came back to work Wednsday and finished working out the week hacking and sneezing. I was given a “just cause” interview on Saturday before going home for the day. That made me realize how carriers are able to get away with so much. The management looks at a situation (in this case calling in sick after a 3 day week-end) and discipline accordingly. They have no clue what’s happening on the work floor.

  • Sheilah

    Dennis Ross is the same idiot who thinks taxpayers need to fund birth control for horses, yet not for people. I don’t know why we let the people with the least sense try to lead us.

    We need unions, at least here in Colorado because public employees are not protected by wage law. Now understand, I don’t like unions but they are necessary…without them, people are abused.

  • Idiotland

    If these people gain total control in 2012, which is probably very likely since this country is populated by imbeciles(look at the posters on this board) and the dems are complete pussies, everybody will be screwed. Not just federal workers or union workers. In 5 years with these idiots in charge we’ll look like Afghanistan.

  • RKC

    The deriviative market (those financial instruments created to buy and sell debt) are estimated to be over 600 TRILLION dollars. Some in congress are fighting tooth and nail to prevent this hedge fund ponzi scheme from being regulated. The currency continues to become debased by the central bank. Taxpayers had to bail out the wall street gamblers in 2008. The market economy is all about control of the resources – because that’s how you ensure a continuous profit. There will be no middle class in another generation. They will have destroyed any vestige of collective bargaining. You will work for any amount of money, under any conditions to pay from your debt. The currency will have no intrinsic value.

  • Mike

    Rep. Ross needs to read some postal history and find out why we unionized in the first place

  • bobbag13

    I am a manager in a level 20 post office I have bad workers and I have great workers I also belong to NAPS for supervisors AND also to 2 craft unions APWU AND THE NALC I know for a fact the post office needs unions as upper mangerment will screw them as well as they screw the good supervisors I tell my workers I pay dues so if its needed MY dues will help them fight. But i aslo have no respect for the bad ones who whine all day and will never help out in a pinch.

  • Idiotland

    To the morons and idiots on here cheering for this; you’re cheering for your own impoverishment and destruction. Just like the members of the media calling for the destruction of Wikileaks are cheering for their own. And to the absolute idiot who actually thinks the phrase in the constitution about a republican form of government refers to the rethug party, turn off the giant garbage can in your living room called the teevee and read a book.

  • Tricky Dick

    This for the schmuck and his reference to the republican government mentioned in the constitution. It has nothing to do with the GOP, a republican form of government means there is no king. In the past the some of the GOP has pushed the idea of the imperial presidency, i think they would like a king. So that kinda makes the republicans anti-republic.

  • trout

    I hope all the Postal workers who are so vehemently behind the Republiclown Party, the Conservacants and the Tea Baggers are top on the list of those who should lose their jobs first. They could care less about the middle class and prove it everyday…..keep voting for the end of your career….. they will make your dream come true….Rep Ross could care less about Postal history since he wants to make it history…..

  • Lifetime Employee

    Dennis Ross is a typical politician, a real idiot. Instead of picking on the hard working, blue collar union workers why don’t you go after the NFL, NBA or MLB unions. Those “workers” make millions of dollars a year playing a game. That’s where the real crime is. Why don’t you introduce legislation to “cap” those salaries to under “six figures” a year. You could also stop the “perks” all politicians get in the form of campaign “donations”. I think it’s time to start voting Independent and get rid of Reps. and Dems. both.

  • Ralf

    The Government, USPS especially, is the largest hirer of Combat veterans. We are Rangers,Airborne, Marines, Seals, and of Korea, Vietnam, the sands. We are a peace loving people…Don’t freakin Piss us off!

  • reogurl

    Read “The Peoples History of The United States” by Howard Zinn. Bernie is right, we will be giving up hundreds of years of progress. This non-sense is about corporate greed wanting to get richer, since being rich is not enough. Why keep extending the Bush tax cuts for the rich? We need a revolution! By 2012, this country will rise up!

  • bubba

    dennis ross is an idiot

  • bubba

    why does the po need postmasters,pooms,dm,supervisors they dont do any of the work but they want to keep making over 100,000 a year while the workers make 10.00 an hour without unions ,if you dont do physical work you should make less than the workers postmasters,pooms,dm and stupidvisors should have their pay cut in half they are not needed

  • bubba

    the people who are bankrupting the po are postmasters,pooms,dm and stupidvisors they are not needed but make the most money,get rid of these people and send dennis ross packing also

  • soontoberetired

    I think that a big part of the problem is that non-union workers have the perception that union workers only have to show up and they’ll get money. Be a letter carrier. Not in May or June but in January and February. Try to deliver mail to people that dump their snow in front of their mailbox. Also don’t be a letter carrier for a day; do it for a month. As I said, January would be a good one. By the way I am not a letter carrier. Part of the problem is also the mentality of, “I don’t make as much as a postal or auto or any other unionized worker. It’s not fair.” Do you really think that doing away with unions will put more money in your paycheck? No it won’t. It will just lower the standard of living for all hardworking people.

  • LaGrange

    without the unions the workers will be open to legal harrassment, favoritism, partiality and such. That is why unemployment is at 10+% nationwide now, employers are able to fire people at will, just because the worker don’t kiss butt and look exactly like the employer wants them to. Are the politicians scared of the Union?

  • jerry G

    Eliminate jobs, reduce benefits of middle class workers but don’t put an extra tax on the wealthy, that would be terribly wrong. Do I smell a revolution in the air

  • the blob

    Those who voted for these clowns should have known better. They are only doing what you thought they should do. Or did you think they were for the union’s? LOL. So shame on you for voting in these fools. And once the union is gone or powerless, where will all of those staunch GOP postal workers who have 10 or 15 more years to reach retirement. Oh, what retirement?

  • Lee R

    It’s certainly 6 of one, half dozen of the other as far as whose to blame for the postal ills. Poor management decisions (FSS has added to overtime, not cut back on it), lazy carriers (asking for help when they have the shortest routes in the office) – take your pick of the real culprits. Management has just as many valid gripes against the carriers/clerks, as the carriers/clerks have against management. It may not matter soon – there may be no post office as we know it.


    “Let them eat cake?” or is it, “you can’t have your cake, and eat it too.”

  • Ralf

    One fact I find funny. Though I am UNION, the Union Leadership puts it’s support behind Democrats, and their Presidents.
    Clinton never gave us a contract, Reagan did. Bush Did, and Obama still refuses to. We are already going to arbitration.
    Where is all the Democrat support for Unions?
    They take the money and hide at the White House.

  • girlyman

    The working people have too many turncoats amongst them!!

  • BOBBAG13

    Ralf now I know what dopes are YOU ARE Presidents dont give the post office contracts YOU ARE THE BIGGEST DOPE I EVER SEEN

  • Gregg

    Congresswoman(?)man will not make it to his sophmore year.What a shame.Just another MORON who has no idea what Postal Workers do on a daily basis.Sad part is,you voted this CLOWN into office!! The Drama contiues!!

  • howard

    The Postal Unions are next. Wonder what it will be like when lazy folks can be fired. when sick ones can be forced out. When others are set up and forced out when management has some loser relatives that need jobs. It will make some people gleeful to be sure, when the unions, and their seniority based protections are obliterated. But those same people may be the ones management decides they no longer need to babysit through the last few years of their employment. It is a double-edged knife that will slice through the good and the useless workers. It will be a whole different working environment, where employees are once again afraid of their bosses.

  • Union Yes

    All the sorry GOPs should have to work as a Carrier when it is 10 degrees below, wind blowing 50 MPH, and snow and ICE falling at 1+ inch per hour. Or they should have to work in a plant in the summer when management will not use the air conditioner and there are no fans allowed on workroom floor, and there are only 8 0r 10 employees to do 15 jobs everyday. That is if no one is on sick leave or annual leave. Then you wonder why there are sick people in the PO. Management will not go by the contracts that they themselves agreed to. GOP and people like Ross should be send to some 3rd world place to run them. GOP are the ones that got us in the mess we are in.

  • Trooper

    why do we need all these ppl in congress? they don’t seem to be working for the ppl anymore!
    how about 1 senator and 2 congressmen from each state?
    maybe we can get rid of guyz like this Dennis Ross..

  • Humble Pie

    Lot’s of interesting opinions here. As the child of a retired Postal Worker, I will say that the Postal Service has provided well for my family. I now have over 25 years service. Some in craft, some in Mgt.. The system is horrible. I’ve seen/worked with tyrant managers who took pleasure in bullying employees and were almost sadistical in their methods. Also, I’ve seen/worked with managers who treated people fairly and were respected by everyone. Same for craft employees. While the USPS is fighting for it’s life, the unions continue to agressively fight for poor employees who cheat, steal, hide, lie, mis-represent, etc. daily. Let the unions negotiate pay and benefits. Let management manage. Poor employees hurt us all. No one should be entitled to a job at the PO. Let’s clear out the dead wood. Poor managers should be fired. How many lazy co-workers do you know on bull$#@& light duty or COP when they are capable of working. Would you continue to pay them if it was coming out of your pocket? Too many malcontents. If you dislike it so much, LEAVE! Remember, let’s not kill the goose that lays the golden egg.

  • fogmachine

    Everyone seems to have forgotten what the union has done for the public. First to sign up for MDA and still the longest running supporter. Food drive annually that goes to the local food banks not its members. Does UPS or FEDEX do this? Postal Unions fighting for the return of overpaid contributions by the P.O. retirement fund which is bankrupting the P.O. Politicians fighting return of this money. If you overpaid your income taxes would you not expect a refund? Union gave birth to customer connect, a program to increase revenue that management was quick to endorse. Politicians? There are no good politicians any more. We used to have a saying in Vietnam Era “Kill them all and let God sort them out.” I have worked in a union and non-union shop and as for me “Give me a union or give me death” for with out unions you will wish you were dead. Third world country here we come!!!

  • Stephen

    I think Congressman Ross and all of his compadres ( Right Wing) Turd Nuggets should all crawl back under the rocks they scurried out from under and do the country a favor! We don’t need them!

  • Stephen

    I wouldn’t piss on a Republican if they were on fire. They are the ruination of this great country!