• omaha nebr carrier

    I was excessed 9 months ago from the clerk craft to the carriers… I wud like to see the governor do for that long and get paid 10 buks an hour! He wudnt last. He doesn’t seem to see the big picture the postal service does.. Him being a governor should thnik about it -just like he shud think abouit his comments he says and know just how unprofessional he is and then to hear it first from a tweet!!

  • 0ld clerk

    is there a new list of possible closures out? if so who has it and why hasnt it been made public?

  • Michigan

    Hey Omaha Nebr Carrier,

    Where did you learn how to spell. Wud(Would), Buks(Bucks), Wudnt(Wouldn’t), Shud(Should), Abouit(About). I wouldn’t hire you to flip burgers with that kind of IQ.


    Yes MI, agreed it would be nice to see a list, so far, it looks like towns with populations of ’21’ and under might see their post offices close (per above), I would be curious to know who is making the decisions and when their deadlines are.

  • PO employee

    No company in the world would keep a business open that brings in less than $10,000 a year in revenue, but costs $60-70,000 a year to keep it running. Get real folks. Closing the small post offices might actually SAVE some jobs. And…..most of these have other post offices within 2 miles that could serve the community just as good.