USPS announces resignation of its Controller

The Postal Service’s chief accountant is leaving the agency at the end of the month, according to this “8-K” filed with the PRC:

On February 10, 2011, Vincent H. DeVito, Vice President, Controller (principal accounting officer), advised the United States Postal Service (the “Postal Service”) that he will resign his position as Vice President, Controller, effective February 28, 2011, to accept a position in the private sector.

2011 02-16 FORM 8-K.pdf.

  • Gregg

    Very smart for him to do this.He must know what lies ahead for the USPS!!

  • Bigwheel

    I think he just learned of the truth that is coming out concerning the postal service. The President’s budget is putting some facts out for a change. The lies are being uncovered.

  • S

    Too bad. He was from the real world, not a career postal man. He was a breath of fresh air.

  • waleye

    can`t take the heat get out of the kitchen.The only bad thing is, his replacement will be living on 2 years of per diem

  • Retired 44

    Waleye, You are so right, but let’s not forget hotel lodging and travel expenses

  • characterless

    I guess he got tired of being made to lie all the time by the BrainTrust.