• charles

    seriously?! here we are trying to keep afloat and be competitive with other businesses and here are these morons doing idiotic things to keep us in the public eye in a negative way! come on people like your not going to get caught! this has to be management making unrelated postal purchases! im sure this isnt the end of foolish things to come.

  • tom

    Hi ,i work for the postal service as a mailhandler an i can tell you this there is no oversight of postal management. If congress did a real investigation of postal management they would find more wasted money in postal bonus”s to management that would probably reduce the postal defecit by a whole lot .Some one has to wake up an stop believing that everything that is wrong with the postal service is the people who actually move the mail. The only way the mail gets moved is by the employees ( mailhandlers and clerks) who actually move the mail.You see management only gets performance bonus”s based on number of pieces of mail moved ,so it is in their interest to fudge the numbers so they can pad their own pockets . Someone has to wake up to this

  • brian

    Tom- sorry, but “number of pieces of mail moved” is not one of the indicators in Pay for Performance…

  • Ronnie

    @Tom – I was in postal management for 11 years, never once got a “bonus”. I did get salary increases based upon my performance. Is this what you are calling a “bonus”?

  • Ronnie

    @Tom – and in addition…I would have to work sometimes 60 to 70 hours a week without overtime…I bet you get paid when you work overtime….

  • Don

    It is the same guy. It is time no mail delivery for him and his station.