NAPS Response to Obama’s Proposed Budget

Washington –The National Association of Postal Supervisors welcomed the news of proposed financial relief for the struggling United Stated Postal Service. President Obama’s proposed $4 billion reduction of pre-funding requirements for the 2011 fiscal year will help USPS as it attempts to return to financial solvency.

“A viable Postal Service is critical to the entire infrastructure of commerce in the United States,” said NAPS President Louis Atkins. “We applaud President Obama in seeing that placing the Postal Service on sounder financial footing is best for every American.”

While pre-funding of health benefits is still a part of the proposed budget, it will now be on a more reasonable schedule. The flexibility will allow USPS “with the breathing room necessary to continue restructuring its operations without severe disruptions must be coupled with meaningful reforms to its business model to make USPS viable for the medium and long term,” the budget reads.

Atkins said that NAPS will continue to work with the leadership in Congress to bring about legislation that will work for the Postal Service, its employees and the American people.

“We were pleased to see that the Obama administration saw fit to include language in the budget concerning six-day delivery,” Atkins said. Last month, NAPS sent an 8-page position paper to every member of Congress outlining the need for six-day delivery.

“We have a long ways to go, but this is a giant first step,” Atkins said. “While this is great news, we still must continue to be diligent in bringing the Postal Service back to financial stability.”

Atkins said the Postal Service cannot return to prosperity without the assistance of Congress and support for the Administration’s budget proposals. Without that assistance, the Postal Service is left to do the only thing that it can do-cut service, eliminate jobs and close post offices.

“At a time when the country is trying to get people back to work, it is imperative that the Postal Service remain one of the largest employers in this country,” Atkins said. “This is not a time reduce public service jobs that are vital to both the commerce of the country and its citizens. “

  • xxx23

    OH great… The Federal Government and our crooked politicians skim off 72 Billion from USPS and then they throw back crumbs at us… and what does NAPS do?… they thank Obama. It’s no wonder NAPS is a joke and neither politicians or USPS takes them seriously! What idiots…