Washington Post ‘cleans up’ Collins quotes on travel report

We told you earlier today about the inaccurate comments attributed to Senator Susan Collins in the Washington Post story about today’s OIG report on USPS travel expenses. Referring to the misuse of USPS travel credit cards, Collins was quoted as saying: “It is unconscionable that these charges were rung up and the bill sent to the American taxpayers”. This despite the fact that, as Collins well knows, the USPS does not receive taxpayer funds, and that the cards in question were in the names of the employees, not the USPS.

Looks like someone read our story, because at some point this afternoon the Post piece was edited to remove the inaccurate comments. They also don’t appear in the press release currently on the Senator’s web site.

Unfortunately the Post is still using the misleading headline “Postal workers expensed private travel and ‘adult entertainment'”. The story also refers to “fraud”, even though that word appears nowhere in the OIG report, and it would be a bit of a stretch to call failure to follow “prescribed government lodging rates” fraud.

Federal Eye – Report: Postal workers expensed private travel and ‘adult entertainment’.

The Post has corrected its headline, removing the word “expensed”. Unfortunately, the story still incorrectly claims that the report found “fraud”.

  • ron

    I don’t think hq was too happy about the misinformation either.

  • brian

    No doubt! I still wonder why, knowing this report was in the pipeline, they didn’t get out in front of it, explaining what had gone wrong, and what they were doing about it before it even hit the papers.