Mailers ask Obama to intervene in USPS pension overfunding

In a letter to President Obama, five of the nation’s largest mailing industry trade groups have asked the President to direct his Office of Personnel Management to “recalculate the Postal Service CSRS obligations using the method endorsed by both the Postal Regulatory Commission and the Postal Service Inspector General and to transfer any excess to the Postal Service Retiree Health Benefits Trust Fund.”

The organizations, which represent mailers “contributing over 85% of the Postal Service’s annual revenue”, contends that the OPM is wrong when it insists that it cannot do anything about the overcharges without new legislation, and suggests that OPM “hopes to use mailer contributions to reduce the almost $700 billion unfunded CSRS liability for non postal federal employees.” It contends that using Postal revenues for taxpayer obligations is not only unfair, but risks ruining the US Postal Service and destroying the jobs of the 7.5 million Americans who work in the mailing industry.

Mailers’ letter to Obama on overfunding

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  • Mailer

    We like Saturday delivery. We like the Post Office. We like the workers. We want more workers and effective supervisors working there. We want them to be well paid and happy with their jobs. We want small towns and rural areas to have their own little P.O. with its attendant, diligent postmaster to get our mailings delivered. Those recipients represent the long tail, and are cumulatively every bit as important as advertising in high density areas.

    We’ve noticed that since the workforce has been cut our mailings are getting in home later, and our customers’ customers are losing faith in the industry as a result. We noticed when flats pricing was hiked a few years back to pay for the FSS machines how all our customers started redesigning or refinishing pieces to mail as letters. Flats volume dropped so much the $billions in FSS equipment they hiked the rates to pay for couldn’t possibly be as useful. We noticed how this cost us money, too. Our customers noticed how this ruined their mailpieces.

  • Mailer

    Above all, we note how all our problems and the USPS problems could be avoided if the USPS were allowed to REALLY act more “like a business” and retain profits, pay for retiree benefits out of operating income, aggressively compete with UPS and FedEx, seek to expand operations and service, understand that carrying loss leaders is part of running a big enterprise (most of Microsoft’s divisions incur massive cash losses), and offer REAL sales and incentives to bulk mailers (not this junk where only if you pushed out millions of pieces last Q3 do you qualify for a discount on millions this Q3).

  • Mailer

    Sorry, the blog comment software seems to be clunky with my wordy response.

  • herman

    Mailer, Your NOT speaking for all Postal Employees get a grip.
    How can a monopoly be a business ?
    Saturday is a lost cause.
    Cut Saturday.

  • twoguns

    If you cut Saturday DELIVERY. If you cut rural offices. You will create a model EXACT to UPS/FedEX . UPS/FedEX will then lobby Congress to strip USPS of tax exempt status (unfair competition under). You physical assets will be absorbed into UPS/FedEX. Not YOU. You will be unemployed middle aged future suicide victims.

  • brian

    herman- we’re all aware of the fact that you would like to have Saturday off, but that’s got nothing to do with this post.

  • doug

    A combination of eliminating Sat. delivery and an early out for senior people would save this place. The early out would open up jobs for the younger people affected by the lost positions such, as swing people. the fuel savings, and other savings would bring us back from the brink. On the subject of competition on Sat., what company is going to deliver a letter just on Sat., and for 44 cents? People would get accustomed to mailing things differently, and would adapt to no mail on Sat. What is everybody afraid of when it comes to eliminating Sat. mail?

  • Mailer

    Herman, I do not work for the USPS, I work for a bulk mailer. I am not speaking for postal employees I am speaking to them.

    If anything, the USPS should look into expanding to Sunday deliveries. They would eat UPS and FedEx for lunch.

  • herman

    The FACT is the monies gone. and without money
    CUTS are coming.

  • common sense

    herman- thanks for playing our game, but please- we’re not talking about a gigantic sack of dollar bills that someone’s been pilfering. The issue is an accounting entry. There isn’t any pile of money that’s “gone”. Now you go watch some cartoons and let the grownups talk, OK?
    And yes, we all know you want Saturday off. Now run along.