Three arrested in Long Island Post Office thefts

MINEOLA, NY – Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice said that three United States Postal employees from the Locust Valley Post Office have been arrested and charged with stealing money while on the job.

John D. Klick, 52, of Greenvale; Roberto Bardales, 35, of Whitestone; and Warren Wojciechowski, 56, of Glen Cove, were arrested on January 20 and charged with one count each of Falsifying Business Records in the First Degree and Petit Larceny. All three defendants face up to four years in prison. Klick is due back in court on March 2 and Bardales and Wojciechowski are due back on March 3.

The arrests were made with the assistance of the United States Postal Service Office of Inspector General.

Rice said that the defendants stole money by ringing up customer purchase amounts that were less than the actual purchase price, also called “short-ringing.” The defendants sometimes made no entry at all for a purchase and pocketed the cash.

Klick is alleged to have taken $166.80; Bardales is alleged to have taken $456.74 and Wojciechowski is alleged to have taken a total of $818.06 in cash.

Deputy Chief William Wallace of the Government & Consumer Frauds Bureau is prosecuting the cases for the DA’s Office. John D. Klick is represented by Robert Schalk, Esq.; Roberto Bardales by Danielle Papa; and Warren Wojciechowski by Paul Berko, Esq.

  • james davis

    sorry but if you stole , you should all three go to jail, the amount is not important . it is the trust you stoled. you make us all look theives. post office needs to make examples out of you, and every one else that steals . managers that steal time as well , rather then reassigning them.forfiet that retirement i say and managers will quit stealing . if not they and postal employees will know the end result will be costly if caught.

  • Larry

    I work in the next town away from these folks. they made a hugh mistake and lost it all. What is being done about supervisors falsifying input to work loads and time schedules to justify what goes on in their post office. it seems to me if these employees are fired and going to court, then their are many supervisors who should be fired as well

  • brian

    Well, what have you done? If you really know that someone’s doing something wrong, have you called the OIG? What exactly are supervisors doing to falsify workloads and “time schedules”?