• retired manager

    Whar do you carriers have to say about this? Probably on penalty ot too. Shame on the Management team at this station!! Shame on the PM of Philadelphia!!! There should be one hell of an investigation and magt as well as carriers should loose their jobs!!

  • John Bonanno

    I’ve know a few supervisors who have a taste on the job. But you don’t notice them because they are not in uniform.

  • jeff

    wow!! how stupid of the carrier and how in the world do they have 3 hrs to spend at the bar. i only have time for a lunch and maybe a 10 min break , im getting hosed!!!!!!!!!

  • Chris B

    Hey retired manager get off your high horse. These were 2 carriers in a city of over 500 carriers. I work in that station and not everyone knew what went on. I love when a manager sounds off like he knows everything. Shut up and cash your pension check

  • 31 year loser

    retired manager I guess your former job didn’t require spelling skills? that would be lose not loose and the abreviation for management is mngt, hopefully you’ll find this useful in the future

  • tom r

    I agree with Jeff, how does he have a extra 3 hours? If I take any longer mgt. quotes DOIS.

  • Jeannette C

    Truly sad. There is no way that someone can drink that much alcohol, and no one noticed. How did the carrier’s get copies of the barcodes in the folders?

    The sad part is that it casts a bad shadow on all mail carriers.

  • trayslay

    “I just had one beers!”

  • Bobby Glasses

    Every company is going to have a small percentage of people who drink on the job and screw off in general. Now it’s up to mgmt. and the union to deal with those people. Corrective action will be taken I’m sure.
    The letter carriers caught drinking will now be given an extension on their route which will benefit those who presently have over burdened routes. So in a way, it is a win-win. Mgmt saves time each day and the work-load gets spread out more evenly.

  • Po suxs

    Supervisors do it too on the clock so what’s the big deal

  • Internal

    This is what happens when USPS promotes people, then gives them Management Duties at levels and stations they did not earn or deserve simply because they are someone’s lacky. As in they will do and say what ever the area manager tells them. Phila. Carriers and Intial Level Supervisors all know exactly who and what I’m talking about. Germantown(aka Richardson Annex) is just the beginning. We all know it’s happening at other offices as well. Not to mention all the P&DC employee’s who can disappear for hours at a time, are clearly inibriated or under the influebce of other ilegal substances when they return(0r even do it on the lot) and Management knows but does nothing about it. We all remember the mailhandler who was always drunk, nothing done. Then he killled someone in a bar and commited suicide and suddenly management knew he was a problem.

  • Name withheld

    Ya I see people drinking on the job and management knows about it and nothing is done until the public starts complaining aobut it then management says oh maybe he or she has a problem.

  • carrier

    I was told it was another carrier that tipped off the news station about the carriers drinking.

  • dude

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  • Amanda

    Wow. How can you place blame on anyone other than the carriers who made the decision to violate Postal policy, as well as break the law? For every decision made, there are consequences. I hope the employees are held accountable for their actions.

  • Manager

    It is a shame that the Postal Service is being put in this bad light by a couple of employees who capitalized on the opportunity created by the Postal Service. It is easy enough to get the barcodes for MSP scans. In fact, with Smart Phone technology you don’t need paper any more. As far as Management oversight on the street, beyond walking your routes each year (required) and doing street and drivers observations (required) there is no other real oversight and we know that none of drinking would have been observed during any of these reviews, because the carriers know they are being observed. If the Postal Service wants Management to have more oversight in monitoring employees, maybe they should consider these duties when they come up with these bogus ratios that don’t account for the all the administration and support duties that managers in the field have to do, due to cuts in support positions. Which by the way, the PMG just announced another 17% cut in those positions so guess what, Managers will have more administrative duties to perform, which will give them even less time to manage employees.

  • Gloria

    It’s not just the post office. I’ve worked in private industry (for-profit & non-profit) where the same problems exist. In order to have a chance of preventing this, management needs to show up unexpectedly at random times.

  • Lynnie

    Are you kidding me, how can anyone blame someone other than this carrier! He is an adult, right? Don’t worry, that “UNION’ of his will get his job back for him. I am sure they are right there feeding him what to say so “HE” turns out to be the victim in all of this. The Postal Service would have been better off it the guy hurt someone while drinking and driving. Union, stand up for people who want to do their job professionally, stop worrying about the loser who made a conscience effort to throw his job away. Maybe our service wouldn’t be in such jeopardy!!!

  • Lynnie

    Great Job, FoxPhilly!!

  • Joe

    Dont forget the NALC is fighting GPS systems in vehicles… Why?

  • Albert

    It’s a great paying job and the bennies are terrific, but if there was any type of work that would exacerbate a problem, it’s a postal job, including managers on down. Getting behind the wheel of a Postal vehicle, drunk, is criminal, but I have to believe these guys will not be fired. This is common fodder for the Union.

  • Gregg

    Why can’t these mail carriers WAIT till after the day is done to have a few beers with your fellow workers?? I have been a USPS employee since 1981.Sure you have a small number of instances like this,but I am sure not all that many.At the Post Office I work in,getting the job done of delivering the mail on a 90 degree July day was always an incentive for having a nice cold beer AFTER work!! You got back to the office.Rang off and you and who ever wanted to,went and had a few beers.On your time.This really is a disgrace!! No wonder that the USPS is in such dire straits when these employes think it’s OK to drink and drive a USPS owned LLV on the clock!!Sad Sad times are ahead for the USPS if there is not a drastic change in all areas.Will the new PMG be the savior?? Guess we have to wait as see,as usual.

  • Albert

    What was the guy with the secret camera drinking?

  • Albert

    Gregg, you are a social drinker. There are many people who have a disease with no time clock involved. Out of 580,000 employees, I’m sure the number of employees in the Postal Service with substance abuse problems number in the thousands.

  • trout

    The comments written here in response explain everthing we need to know about the condition of the postal service. Sounds like our political parties going at it: Well, that may be true but what about what the other guy did? I drank but I didn’t swallow. I can just hear the union now: well he has a problem, he should’ve been sent to EAP (no one can be forced to go to EAP any loner due to the Union) management allowed it….they drink too…he wasn’t drunk, no one gave him a breathalyzer, mangaement made him do it by sending the reporters after him (never mind it was them) all forgetting reality….We are all adults and we should all be responsible….but because we have such lackadaisical rules, inept policies, wishful thinking in DC, a no lay off clause and people who think they are entitled to overtime whether it’s justified or not this is what we have….even if management was out there all day long they could not observe every worker in one day…besides the union would cry harrassment….the fact that it’s easy to get the barcodes or MSP scans is irrelevant. It’s also easy to do the right thing like earning your money and doing your job. There are people who come to work reeking of alcohol everyday and there is nothing that can be done. When questioned they say; it’s my mouth wash. Try taking someone off the clock for suspicion, there will be hell to pay. Charges will be filed, claims for back pay, lost pay, extra pay at the overtime and penatly overtime rates, harrassment charges even if it turns out to be true. I know; it happens in my office on a regular basis. I’ve had carriers in my office bring their wives in to point me out because I questioned them or carriers who have accused me of lying when asking them for commitments and then wanting to go home because they feel harrassed. Then the next thing I know, I can’t ask them for committment times anymore. they are the favorites and management and the unions protect them.
    The union president in my office comes in reeking of alcohol almost every day. He can’t finish his route everyday either because he doesn’t want to. This in spite of the fact that he was the one who adjusted and agreed to the last adjustment on his own route. It’s another ICRAP program the union and management at the national level agreed to but no one wants to enforce because it’s unenforceable. The steward in my office is fond of saying; we agreed to use the numbers we don’t agree with the numbers. This is how we solve problems in the post office by creating more. No one likes the truth.

  • LaVaida Socialbutterfly

    Ok, I reviewed the video, and it doesn’t surprise me at all. I’m from Washington, DC and Maryland Area, and they do it all the time. They say this is the only way they can function, and I believe that. It’s happening every where, maybe this is why my X-mas cards weren’t delivered. Also, I have a friend, who wiped out 3- car and still has his job. I think it actually the job, because the Police Department, the Metro drivers and the Postal Workers are drunks and they say it because of the STRESS OF THE JOB.


  • Albert

    Trout, yeh things would be much better without a union reigning in guys like you.

  • trout

    @albert : you prove my point…

  • Fatboy

    The MSP scanning from a sheet of paper is wide spread and the drinking is widespread. The NALC knows about this behavior and they encourage it because it keeps more carriers paying dues. Station management is also to blame but with all the administrative nonsense that the District, Area and HQ send down they don’t have a lot of time for street supervision. In addition when one carrier sees a supervisor on the street they call each other from their cell phones to warn each other a supervisor is watching. Lots of work to do all around.

  • tony

    Get rid of them and lets move on. They don’t deserve a postal job.(ex NALC Local 1091 member)

  • Lexus 21

    A little lesson for all carriers, fill your day with delivery & collections as outlined in your contract. Scan as requirred, maintain your schedule and return to the office. I’ll bet these 3 carriers wish they took a pivot instead of the drinks. A good job to lose…..A bad example for the many great hard working letter carriers who represent the orginazation in a dignified way.

  • Postmaster

    Ethics and Safety are two things that are taught on your first day with the postal service, so let’s go back to the issue. Carriers, on the clock, drinking, then driving government vehicles. Where is this not a fireable offence? It is also criminal. Yes the Union will try to save the jobs of these employees (that’s why you join a Union) but they will probably settle for letting them quit in order not to be charged with criminal actions (theft(time) falsification (MSPs)). I don’t think the actions of these employees are indicative of “all carriers”., but so that there is no doubt in anyone’s mind I have told my employees “If I smell alcohol, be it fresh or left over from last night when you were not on the clock (I cannot judge which it is and I won’t take a chance on you hurting yourself or others), I will require you to get your shop steward and …well you know where it goes from there. The thing is that some people are very good at hiding problems or they have no ethics, so let’s not bad mouth the USPS for the actions of a few out of hundreds of thousands of employees. The USPS has very clear policies about all of the things that were done wrong here. Again, Ethics and Safety are two things that are taught on your first day with the postal service but “no one can make you drink the water!”

  • Supervisor in the trenches

    I brought this up to our carriers this morning. They are a great bunch, but like any human being, are tempted to deviate from the route and expose themselves to trouble. It’s not worth their job! As far as the knee-jerk reaction to get rid of the whole Management team, that was decision made no more sense than the carriers at the bar. You want me to supervise carriers on the street? Take away the redundant reports. Cancel the brow-beating Telecons every day that serve no purpose but to inflate the egos of District managerial staff. I don’t have time to visit the carriers, and they know that. If we do, a network of carrier cell phones begin to ring letting each carrier know that we are on our way. Blame who you want- with 36 years of service, I blame District and above for taking away our time and authority to manage. THERE IS NO DETERENT. I am too busy justifying yesterday’s performance


    USPS is broken. Common sense needs to find its way back in.

    Unfortunately, we all know the union will fight and the system will allow these knuckleheads back on the job. They will probably even get the back pay for the days off of the job during the investigation.

    I wonder how many pieces of mail these guys didn’t deliver during these sessions at the bar? If a FedEx or UPS carrier was caught doing this, they would be terminated and remain terminated.

    It is a shame that the USPS as a whole will get yet another black eye from these carriers.

    @Lexus 21: excellent comment.

  • Fed up

    Of course. Two carriers clearly violating the law and stealing from the PO, and we have people chiming in blaming management and the carrier who turned them in. Prefect microcosm of the NALC. You guys will never get it. Time to pull your collective heads out, NALC, or we won’t have a USPS clock to milk anymore. With your job skills, good luck finding another job anywhere close to what you get paid now.

  • wayne

    hey lynnie you are right that the carriers are responsible for their own actions but don’t assume that the union will get their jobs back. you make it sound like the union has this almighty power to rule the post office. you make it sound like the union is proud to represent these stupid individuals. the fact is these individuals embarrass the entire postal family and they should lose their jobs but it is the union’s responsibility to negotiate the best possible outcome for these individuals. but i guarantee the union does not enjoy representing these individuals. and it would be nice if fox news would follow one of our brothers or sisters who work their tales off every day in all kinds of weather and don’t have time to take a lunch.

  • stamp licker

    Contemplate this………it is a sad day for the poor choice made by the carriers, the impact on their families and sad for the tarnish on all hard working postal employees !!! It comes at a time that we are at a crossroads while our country experiences a downturn economically and Washington is full of politics. As employees we saw Little George (Bush) steal from the USPS coffers with the pre-funding retiree health benefit scam. As a postal employee I don’t see the our customers comprehending the impact of the pre-funding debacle and how they are being scammed and we are having our reputation slammed. The decisons made by the employees in Philadelphia have hurt all of us.

  • Dan

    Ponder this… If Management could fire just 1 employee a month, (based on clear and justifiable reasons such as this) and do so without any union representation or greivance process, think of how many problems that would solve at your Post Office. The employes screwing off would know they are next, and those riding the fence would stop. Every Postal employee out there knows who in their office is not pulling their weight, and the hard working men and women are frankly quite sick of it. If you are a hard working Postal employee i am sure you agree. If this blog offends you, it does for obvious reasons. You are the employee others are sick of carrying. It’s really too bad the USPS isnt handled like any other business. Try this crap at WalMart and see what happens to your career.

  • RD

    2 scans in 3 hrs? what kind of route is that? I have 2 scans every hour!!!

  • cpttuna

    The carriers are at fault. I would like to know what happened when these gentlemen had street observations done. where did these 3 hours go? These carriers should have been observed at least once a week by management.
    Management should not be left off the hook either.

  • K-Boogie

    The problem the Postal Service has the problem of not having the guts to put city letter carriers on evaluated routes. This system works great for rural carriers and would save the Post Office millions of dollars. The Unions fight to protect employees that steel from the Postal Service and pray that we do not save the organization by changing to a five day delivery. If the Post Master General reads this it is my hope that we go to five days and understand that the only reason the carrier unions fight is to protect the waste, greed and over time they have enjoyed stealing from this company for years. These carriers are just a snap shot of those that will sink the USPS. Mr. Post Master General stop the theft of services get tough on the mail man.

  • Joyce

    How did this become the union’s fault? Even if you don’t like unions and the fact that they have to represent all employees, whether they like it or not, you couldn’t possibly believe that the NALC would condone this type of behavior.

  • vanessa

    This is just a sad situation. It takes carriers like this to make us all a target. Word of advice just do your jobs. It’s not worth the aggrevation. Carriers doing stupid —-
    like this gives management the reason to put barcodes and GPS Systems to track us. How did they have 3 hrs of under time and no one knew this. One of those POSTAL WOW.

  • Phil

    Come on everyone, these were carriers that chose to do what they did, they were surely aware of the consequences if they were caught. Actions like these carriers took happen in every walk of life and type of job, they are in no way unique to the Postal Servive. A few bad apples don’t ruin the whole bunch. I worked 35 years for the Postal Service and am proud of the job that our employees do every day to get the mail home to our customers, both Managers and Craft. I am truely disappointed that more people didn’t talk about the good work the USPS does evey day, but chose to point fingers and blame.

  • Lexus 21

    Nice comment Vanessa.. Let’s not blame the NALC they have an obligation. I also agree, where was management ?
    Black eye on all of us ! Let’s get it together ! We are better than this !

  • shep

    Hello world im a postal (a)manager here in houston, tx. and i just wanna say to the world this is not what the post office stand for and this situation does not define the post office at all. Overall we have dedicated, committed, and passiate employees , supervisors, and managers that are employed with the postal service. Please world do not discredit us as a whole for the few employees mistakes.

  • Gridiron

    Certainly are a lot of judgemental posters! No surprise that a Fox station would be out there to dig up dirt on postal workers rather than reporting real news. That aside, every barrel has a few bad apples that reflect on the whole. As for the NALC, like my Union, the APWU, is obligated to defend these employees under the law of fair representation. Drinking on the job is not exclusive to bargaining unit employees in the USPS or the private sector. Having worked in auto plants before 35 years in the post office, I witnessed my fair share of drinking by workers AND bosses who had a flask in their desk or briefcase. My, my, we are so quick to judge and condemn.
    The discipline-arbitration procedure will take its course in this instance as it should. Even the worst criminal has a right to a fair defense. That’s the American way. Justice will be served. If only our postal Unions had the power some of the posters allege! Were these guys stupid? You bet! My sympathy lies with the steward and officers of the NALC who will have to defend them. Unions are in the business of representation. Management is in the business of judgement. To the smug self-righteous posters, both management and employees I say; let he who is without sin cast the first stone!

  • trout

    yes the union does like defending people like this….it’s where they get their money. When the union stops calling good workers runners and stops telling people to slow down I’ll have more faith. Not happening…..we have bums at all levels…no one is exempt…..it’s still no excuse to play the blame game…the fact is: these guys are carriers who were extending breaks, drinking on the clock, falsifying records (scanning) on unauthorized OT, driving while under the influence. So go ahead tell me I am lying and making stuff up.

  • wayne

    to mr trout you are wrong when you say the union likes defending people like the ones on we saw on fox news. truth is there is no defense for such behavior. perhaps these individuals thought it was theyre right to steal time like alot of those in management do. i see it everyday. the post office is too top heavy and most of the bosses become bosses because they are too lazy to do the letter carrier job. they know the job is physically tough. the union calls people runners because thats what they are. is it fair mr trout that people should feel intimidated by management to run their routes all day without a break or lunch? those carriers who run all day dont do it for the good of the post office they do it because they are intimidated by management. do you think its fair mr trout that carriers who are not intimidated should also run and give up their right to a bathroom break and lunch? the union tells workers a fair days work for a fair days pay. it doesnt tell them to slow down and if thats what you heard they are wrong.so go ahead tell me i am lying and making stuff up

  • brian

    “yes the union does like defending people like this….it’s where they get their money.” Can you explain that one for us trout? It makes absolutely no sense. The union gets its money from union dues, which are paid voluntarily. As for all the other nutcase postings saying this is somehow the NALC’s fault, you’re dead wrong. Will the NALC defend these guys? I certainly hope so! We have a thing called due process in this country. If a mass murderer is entitled to a fair hearing, you certainly can’t deny one to a person accused of drinking on the job. Given the evidence, however, the only way the union can save these guys is for management to totally screw up their case. Management is responsible for enforcing its rules, not the union. If they can’t get rid of these guys, and make it stick, they’re totally incompetent.

  • Doug

    Whats really a shame is that the union will try and save these guys jobs when they (the union) know the carriers stole time from the USPS and broke the law. The good people that come to work and actually do their jobs very rarely ever need the unions or other associations and its normally the worst employees (10% of the work force) that use and need the union/associations to keep their jobs. These 10% are the ones that give the USPS a bad name. The union/associations should allow management to get rid of one of the worst employees of that 10% each year for a period of up to 5 years with no grievance or issues and that would start to make a huge change for everyone in the USPS. Management and the union/associations would have to agree to the criteria that indicates/points out a bad employee such as a large disipline file. We all know who they are.

  • Michael

    To the many of you to which this applies, especially “retired manager” who is a perfect example of this. If you can’t spell and you use words improperly or out of context and/or don’t have a third grade knowledge of grammar, no one takes your comments seriously and they don’t care what you have to say. If in fact “retired manager” was truly a manager it says a lot about the people that are being appointed as leaders. Use spell check for Christ’s sake! Learn to use “their” when you are supposed to use “there”. Or better yet just shut up and keep your comments for graffiti somewhere in your house.

  • melvin

    come on, now, you mean you had cameras going for several hours in the bar and these guys or the bartender did not even notice? Even if this was from a cell phone camera, someone would notice. Sounds like a set up, where were the carrier’s ID badges??

  • trout

    I will explain……I have not said it’s the unions’ fault….I said: the union encourages workers to slow down….calls good workers runners etc….they will do everything they can to blame anyone and everyone but these guys….all true statements….in my office the union has told the carriers to do “anything you can get away with it”…a direct quote…..the typical union “client” is one of these workers who were caught drinking….because theycan’t finish on time, claim to have over burdened routes (which I’m sure these guys had) and wants help everyday…..every excuse is used….there is snow on the ground, it’s raining, the mail is too thin…..the mail is too thick …. have a double house to house (are you going there twice?) any and every excuse…many times other carriers and I had to carry mail for carriers like this while they sat in the swing room for hours….or drank at a bar….went shopping etc….and yes it happens at all levels….I have defended the same people over and over and over again and again…..the good workers have no real need, other than contractual negotiations to join the union….because they rarely get in trouble…they take pride in their work….so go ahead and blame everyone and anyone and avoid the truth….if you want to blame management for everything go right ahead you do have a case or do what I did…get promoted and try to change things from within…..I will put up my record as a carrier against anyone…..unlike the perception most managers carry I don’t forget where I came from….I’ve worked in snow, sleet, rain…..like everyone else… heck I’ve even almost peed my pants…….I also know BS when I see it and when I hear it….Likle I said previously…..no one likes the truth…if the union is so concerned about it’s reputation why don’t they address poor performance once and for all…I am sure all of the good employees would love that……..just read all of the comments here and you will see that I am not in the minority…..of course you can always say it was a set up…some of us still don’t understand the concept of hidden cameras….and can’t accept what we see right in front of our very eyes…like the news van that was parked outside……

  • Dan

    It is sad how many times in this blog people try to redirect blame. Why is it that these carriers made an obvious mistake and people are posting comments to correct grammar? The fact that someone on this blog doesn’t use correct grammar doesn’t change the fact that what they said may or may not be true. There is a lot of frustration by both management and employees in the Postal Service and yes the system is broken. It rewards the less productive employees by either paying them overtime or by giving them assistance while the employees with a superior work ethic pick up the slack. There is a solution to this…evaluated routes. (I apologize if I have any spelling or gramatical errors. I could not locate the spell check on this blog).

  • brian

    So as far as trout is concerned, if you’re a “good” carrier, you don’t need the union- only “bad” carriers need someone to defend them? So apparently everyone in management is good and virtuous, while a most letter carriers are evil and lazy? Thanks for clearing that up trout.

  • Barb in NC

    I’m very surprised about the lack of aim on the bar serving these uniformed workers or patrons of the bar except for Melvin.

    We can all agree on the idiotic selfish behavior of these few out of a well run Postal Service in PA overall, however, there should also be some attention and responsibility placed on the business permeating such behavior.

    Perhaps the state legislation can pass a bill or look at placing regulation on serving uniformed workers in any capacity. I certainly wouldn’t want an EMS worker to be in this situation or a Police officer for this matter.

    Let’s not glorify the actions of a few misguided souls needing therapy by giving them three minutes of fame. Let’s hone our energy and support toward prevention.

  • Oldpostalguy

    I have been in the Postal Service for 35 years. Been a clerk, carrier and now a manager. Seen a lot in my time. These carriers have earned their removal. Anyone, craft or EAS, doing the same or similar, should be ushered out as well. Sad to hear so many of you saying this goes on all the time in your offices. Glad I work where I do. We have problems but still provide excellent service. Labor Relations and the EAS staff here is firm but fair. If you decide to violate the rules and/or the law while on the clock, you do not belong here or in Philly. Hold yourselves to the right standards. These losers need to go. Just admit it.

  • Retired in Phoenix

    Well there’s no defending this, I retired from the Postal Service after 30 years of service and I believe in a strong union, but this is just reprehensible, these guys deserve to lose their job. Not only did they disgrace the Postal Service, but put a cloud over everybody that works there and has worked there. Because of an incident like this that’s how the public views all of us!
    Fire them now!

  • midwesterner

    I take specific issue with the fact that Trout said that the union calls good workers “runners” and encourages its members to slow down. As a union member now for 15 years, I’ve never had one person encourage me to be a bum on the job. It has become increasingly apparent over the last 5 years how much distrust there is between “manglement” and carriers. When the postal service initiated “pay for performance” with mgmt. and the bonuses they received off our backs, why would we want to run? I had a route 5 years ago with 1100 stops.. sometimes I could do it in 8 hours.. was I a runner? Probably. Did I receive any “kudos” from mgmt. for doing a great job for 12 years on that route? NO NO NO.. none for the whole 12 years. I wasn’t looking for monetary compensation, just an “atta-girl” once in awhile. But the day I bid off of it, the station manager told me she was “so pissed” that I bid off. HUH. Guess she wasn’t going to get her bonus on my back. Did the union or its members encourage this? A big fat NO. Did I quit running? Oh yes.. a WHOLE lot, just to preserve my sanity and safety on the street and… oh yeah, actually have time to TALK to my customers. Remember the SERVICE in USPS??

    I don’t condone what these carriers did in PA.. personally, I don’t think any committed member who loves their job at the USPS would, union or non-union. It’s a black eye to all of us who work hard at our postal jobs and how interesting it comes right during the time of contract talks. I wish Fox News would do an expose of mgmt. as well.. plenty of fodder there, even where I’m from. We’re living in a movie of “Oz” here, where district mgrs. hide behind a white curtain and frighten everybody from the postmaster on down with his directives, without ever showing his face.

    Stop the bonuses.. stop the paperwork.. stop the puppets.. stop the impossible DOIS numbers..get back to SERVICE, you know, that gray area between mgmt. and union?? It’s the color our customers love best.

    Fire the guys in PA. Period.

  • trout

    Can’t fix stupid…..no one said only managers are good and virtuous…most carriers want the bums to get what is coming to them so they don’t have to carry thei route also……before anyone speaks of pay for performance they should understand what pay for performance is…..bonuses? Really? Are we still on that? Talk about a union mentality? Bonuses? Bonuses, on your back? Ha! If my pay depended on others I would be in serious trouble. Pay for performance is crap based on bogus almost impossible to meet numbers…You can have PFP just give me back COLA and OT….I made more money then…Bonuses?…what a joke…..take a look at reality….I actually pay no attention to numbers….I deal in reality…if it snows its going to take a little loinger on the street….if you get a flat…it’s going to take a little longer…if you had a bad night…it’s going to take a little longer….if you have very little mail…it’s going to take longer…..if you call out sick…it’s going to take longer……if you drink it’s going to take a lot longer…Are we supposed to get kudos for doing that which we get paid for? A pat on the back is always good but to expect something for doing what you are supposed and get paid to do is a bit much….are we back to entitlements? No monetary compensation for doing your route? You mean to tell me you worked for nothing. I wouldn’t have done it but I’m just a dumb manager why would I work for pay? Heck let me give you an atta girl for that one. Time to talk to your customers too….so you want to spend time chit chatting on your route also…I suppose going into over time because you chatted up your customer is fine also….good thing it’s an evaluated route.. which by the way the NALC will never go for as long as they are run by people from the big cities…..they keep spreading the myth about losing money…yes in “OT”..,. ask anyone with an evaluated route their opinion and they’d choose that over city routes….I’m all for stopping so called bonuses, paperwork and puppets….as for DOIS be careful what you ask for…the union didn’t like DSIS they wanted a piece count so they got DOIS (piece count) now they don’t like DOIS either……….you could give them whatever they ask for and they would not like it ….also I can just hear the union now…listen closely…………they need EAP.

  • Dropped Jaw

    I’ll never stopped being amazed at the ease many find in flinging blame…. Only the individuals were wrong here. Not the USPS – Not Management – Not the Union.
    The USPS is recognizing record performance levels in an increasingly stressful environment.

    For every 1 loser (such as those in the video) there are 1000 decent hard-working employees – Managers & Union ! Don’t condem the USPS or each other based on “these guys” !!

  • Tony

    First. Those 2 reckless IDIOTS get exactly what they deserve.
    They violated the rules of the Post Office and put the safety of community at rick by drinking and driving while on duty.

    “BUT WAIT” According to the story and video there was 3 violators in the video drinking in that Bar. One of them had his or her face blurded. The story focused on the 2 Postmen relentlessly who happen to be black. Hmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!

    I smell a FOX. Sorry I mean fish.

  • wayne

    mr trout you sound to me like you really dont like unions. and i wonder if you are a member of the national association of postal supervisors? because it would be a little dumb criticizing a union when you belong to one. i am sure you would want your rights protected wouldnt you? or are you a scab? I know of a case where 2 supervisors were caught stealing ot and the postal supervisors union saved their jobs. they were forced back into the carrier craft where i am sure they joined the NALC. now does that change your opinion about unions? and you say you became a manager to fix the problems from within. well i know bs when i hear it. and as far as good workers rarely needing the union you are wrong again. i called out sick with a migraine. it was only my 2nd call out in a year and because it snowed the night before i got charged leave without pay instead of sick leave. it was the area coordinator who told the supervisors to do this. and like midwesterner said they hide behind a white curtain and let the supervisors take the heat for their stupidity. and mr trout i wonder if you are submitting all these comments on the clock?

  • Broos

    These carriers are worthless pieces of —-. Fox busted them on 2 or 3 days but they been doing this for years to have the nerve to sit in a bar in uniform during working hours drinking beer. They are thumbing their noses at you. They have done this so long they are totally comfortable there. Their manager is probably up to their ears in reports and paperwork that USPS has made mandatory for them. That’s why they have scan points now because the city carrier supervisor is to busy completing mandatory paperwork to come out & observe you. Other than the once a year 99, I never see a supervisor for street observation in my office.

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  • Postal VA

    This is just the beginning with all the cuts the Postal Service is planning. Management cannot handle the workload now. Let’s do a piece on workload vs pay.

  • proudcarrier

    Trout sounds like the most small minded ignorant person in the postal service. Are you sure You are not a boss? A few bad apples does not define us carriers as a whole. The men and women I work with are so proud of doing a good job for their customers. It is a shame that Trout doesn’t see that most of us are proud, hardworking individuals. I truly feel sorry for him. No one can be happy with that much bitterness in his heart.

  • anothermailman

    I work in Kentucky. My Supervisor called the city carriers to her desk. After ten minutes of figuring out how to turn up the volume on her computer, she showed us the clip. Then we had to listen to her and the Postmaster make snotty comments, like this occurs often. Guess what? Management gets caught sleeping with employees all the time! These carriers were stupid, but EVERY postal employee knows that management is destroying the Post Office.

  • Bruce

    I bet they all thought “I can’t get caught” or “I’m smarter than them”…Guess What? They got caught! We had a Phrase in the military for people who always thought they could get over. Cleaned up it goes like this
    “F” around, “F” around, Soon Ya won’t Be around.

  • Postal Employee

    And this is what goes into the current route adjustment process!!! Anybody else fed up with RAP MOU’s that are built around routes like these where carriers have done whatever the hell they want to on the street???? I bet these guys just had their routes reduced because they were “overburdened”. Poor guys spending all these hours on the street then they have their consultation and they get to say “hey man, my route is so heavy, you need to take some off me.” and MSP supports those numbers cause some fool let the carrier make copies of the barcodes. This is pure insanity!!!!!

  • Lady Carrier

    Just to clarify things, if anyone doesnt know what a runner is, it is someone who runs their route during a route walk inspection and thats why you would have no time to do anything. These guys obviously are not runners. Getting your barcodes are easy as long as you have management that is lazy and they just hand it to you to put out on the street. Dois is just a guide line mgmt. can not hold you to that time…and NO ONE can tell you how fast you can walk…As for the drinking they are just dum! Always be aware of your suroundings and who is watching. Especially now they are always looking to get rid of people.

  • Felecia

    Well of course this is the most outrageous behavior i have ever seen in my life postal employees or not, i have carried mail for over 25yrs and i work hard and have always worked hard, got rewarded by more hard work, but afterall is said and done, i get paid and at the end of my work day i feel like i have done my very best to earn my pay and feel like most of the carriers in my office feel the same way, these stupid carriers should be fired and hopefully we can get back to serving the customer and keep our great reputaiton.

  • Penny

    Alot of people are posting things blaming the union for representing carriers like we saw in the video. How come no one is asking why the supervisors or managers didn’t know that three, not 1, not 2 but 3, carriers in the same office had a combined downtime of 7 to 9 hours on the days in the video? That is another full-time job for someone else. How is it possible? What were their supervisors doing during this time? All of their reports should have been filed by the afternoon hours. They must not use DOIS in their office.

  • Penny

    Someone commented that only 10% of the employees need the union. This is a contract year for us carriers. The other unions started negotiating their contracts last year. Ask their members whether or not they need their union.

  • Raymond

    I’ve been going through the replies and can’t believe how ignorant some of you are. With the crisis the Post Office is in this is the last kind of publicity this company needs. You can sit there and blame the Management and the Union but in the end these idiots are the only ones to blame! So let’s not lose focus where blame should be put. Not only were they putting themselves at risk but others as well. In the end our company is the one that would’ve been responsible if there had been an accident. The problem with a lot of carriers is that they’ve lost all work ethics. It’s suppose to be 8 hrs of work for 8 hrs of pay. Not any more or not any less. That doesn’t constitute hanging in a bar for 2 hrs to make up your 8 hrs.

  • C Neff

    Wow! Look at how many people blame management! Yes they are culpable but the main characters in this story are the letter carriers who are very aware that what they are doing is illegal and it is their responsibility to do their job properly and not to drink or take any substances on the job that would impare their judgement and hurt others not to mention stealing from the USPS by not doing their jobs and being paid for nothing!! It never ceases to amaze me how letter carriers only blame management when the carriers are to blame….management must be more aware of what the employees are doing and that is where they come into play and that is their responsibility…yeah carriers and that is why GPS systems
    are very necessary on those vehicles because some employees cheat and are fraudulent in their day to day duties!! Management will always be needed and they MUST pay attention and take care of business by being aware of their carriers!! Place the blame directly on the letter carriers……

  • Candace

    Mr Trout seems to be right on the money…the bad employees must be weeded out to save the USPS and the union is fighting GPS and this very scenerio shows exactly why it is needed….not all can be trusted. That is a shame.
    And Wayne you must be a union rep. Thats how you sound and so typical of many of the union employees…place the blame in the right area…directly upon the heads of the adult letter carriers….this whole thing is shameful for the USPS and for the hard working employees that do work every day for the agency.

  • common sense

    No, trout’s wrong. You’re correct that bad employees need to be weeded out, but they also deserve due process. Trout says good employees don’t need the union. Fine- good people don’t need lawyers either, do they? If you didn’t do anything wrong you won’t get arrested, right? That’s not the way this country works, thank god- we have due process. These guys sure look like they should be fired- but last time I checked, that wasn’t something we left up to TV stations. No matter how guilty these guys turn out to be, they deserve their day in court. I mean, we gave the Nazis fair trials after the holocaust- there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the union providing these guys help and protecting their rights.
    I’ve got no problem with GPS- it might very well have prevented this. Yes, the carriers are fully responsible for their actions, and barring some unimaginable extenuating circumstances coming up, they should be fired. But these guys’ supervisors also have some explaining to do.

  • Roc

    Too bad for all USPS employees. These “clowns” should be fired! Each side, Management and Union has made valid points, but a fact is a fact. If the Postal Service were ran like the military, work ethic would not be an issue. Every organization has its bums, put it does seem as if the USPS has one too many. The Union does more than help the bums, they also help negotiate your pay. I am in management, and I do see the need for unions. It would be nice however, to see/hear the Union speak up and tell the “bums” to carry their weight. Management has too many “cush” jobs and should be thinned as well. Street supervision is old and dated and can not be effective anymore. It is funny however, to see those “over burdened routes” complete when one has to make a game or that all important appointment. EVERYONE can do a little house cleaning. As for our 3 employees on the video, GOOD BYE!

  • Postalemployee

    Ignorant employees exist everywhere, not just in the postal service! Lighten up! It’s a part of the world we live in.

  • Paul

    I have read most of these posts and am concerned over the obvious ignorance of many. First NALC by law is required to represent these individuals. Second it is managment that must prove just cause in any discipline they issue. I am a Union official. I have a job and know the responsibilities of that job. If any Union (NALC) official did not perform those duties to the best of their abilities the agreived employee would have a very good “duty of fair representation” (DFR) charge against NALC. As stated management’s job is to prove “just cause”. Management will have a pretty hard time of proving a lot of the charges that the unimformed posters (including the management posters-Trout) have already convicted these individuals of. Driving a Postal vehicle while intoxicated? Doesn’t that require proof such as a blood alcohol content? I can go on with the defense I would mount as the Union (NALC) is required to do but I don’t have all of the facts and therefore reserve judgement until all the facts become known. Let the system work as it was designed. One more fact-Letter carriers were again voted to be the most trustworthy goverment workers. Fox news report that please.

  • 25 years and proud

    All things considered, there are serious problems that exist in all levels of our society. We, as a people, as a society, have dropped our guard. We seek to justify poor behavior and the lack of good judgment by assigning blame; we busy ourselves with finger pointing, voicing rhetoric and conjecture. We fail to see that we lost touch with something long taken for granted – ‘common sense’; this is the true culprit: poor behavior and tremendous lack of self control, of self respect, of kind consideration for others and a complete lack of accountability for our own actions. If I stepped out line as a child my parents were quick in showing me the error of my ways. I learned acceptable from unacceptable knowing that if I screwed up again I was truly in for it. Troubled times are upon us as a society and I believe this stems from a lack of taught disciplines and effective corrective action. We have rules, regulations and laws put in place to protect us, keep us safe and instill a sense of control. We’ve relaxed our resolve to nip things in the bud and to consistently do the right things to stop it. We have become reactive and not proactive. Now, because of the poor choices made by the individuals in the videos, we can single out the Postal Service, yet again, because of our visibility to the public. In part, we’ve accepted the phrase “Going Postal” to describe a multitude of poor or tragic behaviors – it’s even the title of a television show that highlights shocking and disastrous events. We all do damage in small amounts, which escalate, when we turn a blind eye to the things we know to be unacceptable. We slowly chip away at the very foundation of order in our society by rewarding poor performance. We fail to see or care not how our actions, words, and attitudes affect others; we’re blinded by self importance and unaware of what’s really happening around us. As knowing people, adults, children and citizens of our communities and this great nation, we need to get back to basics by finding satisfaction in what we do, to revitalize and redirect our thoughts to achieve a greater good. If we don’t, we will, by ignorance and by apathy, slide further into this collective lapse of good judgment and suffer the ill effects. We all are, or at least should be, accountable for our own actions: both good and bad. Simply put, just do the right thing.

  • Penny

    Nicely said Roc.

  • JT

    I hear ya “25 years and proud”. I’m 13 years and proud and love my job as a carrier and would never do anything this blatant and stupid to jeopardize my job, family, co-workers or the community. These individuals are getting what they deserve as a result of their poor judgement and misbehavior. Eventually, we all reap what we sow. It’s just a shame that a few bad apples can spoil it for the whole bunch, who at large are some of the hardest working and honest group of people one could ever have working for the public. Let some other people who will appreciate and treat the routes right have their jobs. I hate knowing that their paychecks were paying their bartabs while they were on the clock on overtime and blatantly cheating with their scanners and barcodes. Idiots!!!

  • postal worker

    Hey, those carriers were on OT….. so at least the beers were cheap as hell!…….

  • Postmaster by 10:00am

    I agree with most comments posted here with the exception being ones where Management and Craft attack each other. Those Carriers are a poor representation of the hard working USPS employees who take their oaths to heart. I whole heartly agree with the Management posting that says that as Management is cut at our local offices it increase our span of control to bounds which are next to impossible to control. Further with Union officials who will not stand up for what is right and hide behind the phrase, it isn’t right but it is contractual…How sad it is for any employee to continue to strip this company which has put our kids through college, seen us through sicknesses, allowed those who often have only a HS education to have a good paying job, and provides a wonderful benefits package. I am appalled by their action, lack of judgment and more than anything their moral ineptitude. God help us if we don’t all pitch in and bring this company back into sound financial footing.

  • P K

    So sad that we got singled out again. I do know that as a verry proud rca of 6 years.I know thats not much to erveryone. As a union member not really pleased with the things that they do….. All that I have to say is that I wiork very hard for every minute that I do get. Every hoiliday every extra priority package I can get for my Supervier. Not P M. They do that on the clock. Kind of kills my postal soul. Every day that I put my badge on. and walk out of the house glad to be a U S P S employee. Good luck to all. Work hard do what is right

  • Joe

    If managment was doing their job this would’ve never happened. They probably new but were waiting for someone else to catch them! Supervisors are just as lazy as they say carriers are.

  • AllSeeingEye


  • reg

    stupid & more than stupid ! today u just have to be stupid not to think big brother is watching. it’s 2011, video & cameras are every where, so why take unnecessary chances ! smart thing would have been to look directly into the camera, admit you’re an alcoholic, & say i need help .

  • DanielleInNYC

    My only concern is that they were getting into a car after drinking. Other than that who gives a Shhh. As long as the people on the route received there mail in a timely manner….who cares!

  • Melwyn

    Management has given so much computer workload to the supervisors that they can barely finish their office work in an 8 hour day and the mail carriers know about it.and all these reports need to be done at certain times everyday. If a supervisor has 35 routes to cover how can he follow each employee 6 hours everyday on the street? He can follow probably only 1 employee for 2 hours and that employee would do everything right and when the supervisor is gone he will continue doing his illegitimate actions. Only the barcodes prove what time the employee was on his route, with the copies they have overcome that too.. I think the shameless union will still fight for these employees who have robbed the post office for 25 years. Management has to be blamed equally. The stupid union says that management needs to notify employees when they are on street. For the last 2 years the postal service has made supervisors do route inspections 3-4 times which has taken more of their time away.

  • Melwyn

    These kinds of employees exist in all organizations. Public and private. If you go to hospitals and big offices you see people working only 4 hours a day out of 8 hours and get paid for 8 hours. However it is very bad to drink and be drunk on the job and steal overtime at work.

  • wayne

    hey candace why dont you read my first comment on jan 27 where i said the carriers should lose their jobs. i am not a union rep but thanks for the compliment. gps in the trucks is ridiculous and thats coming from a carrier who takes all the mail everyday and is done in 8 hrs. that would be like putting a breathalizer in every car in america because a minority of people drive drunk. its a waste of money which is what the p.o. is famous for. the union handed the p.o. dps on a silver platter and just what i expected the p.o. took advantage of it by putting in as much mail on our backs as they could. some carriers get 12 trays or more a day of it. thats 24 feet or more just in letters. 25 yrs ago when i started that would equal 3 days worth of work. and we are delivering about 50% more deliveries per day. and there are supervisors out there who would call us lazy and tell us there’s no mail.
    not to mention the extra packages and certifieds and registers we now have to scan. i get tired of people especially the management folk trying use this episode to make the union and the hard working carriers look bad. those 3 carriers are not the typical carrier.

  • Bruce G.

    Managers don’t kid us or yourselves, you don’t get caught because your no in uniform. Managers do this type of thing and worsr undercover. This is a black eye to us good, professional city carriers.

  • faye lewis

    If the post office was ran like corporate america with performance being the root of the organization then the trifling and lazy would be eliminated. I am a mailhandler and I see and hear those with less and more seniority say, “why should I work hard I will still be paid” When you work hard you are the one that gets worn out. the mdo’ and sdo’s will always come to you to get things done. Most mgt are spineless punks that are afraid of making people accountable. They dont want to hear the mouths of the lazy and troublemakers. What can a mouth do but talk? If you passed the exam for mgt then you should be able to find a way to lay a trap for their sorry asses. I’m a hardworker and I stand my ground. If I feel like they are not being fair i use the seniority or juniority factor. They wont make a slave of me or work my ass to death. I already give 150% plus!!

  • jgb20yrveteran

    Just want to say this is not indicative of all postal Workers..Ive never been a carrier and I dont know what they get away with…but I do know In Mail Processing every second we are on the clock is accounted for via computers…Wow I think I went into the wrong sector of The USPS!! It will be gone soon anyway ..no more high paying jobs for the unskilled, uneducated and down right lazy.

  • Damianrt14

    Just another example of morons in the world. Good job fellas.

  • nomorebs

    Typical of Fox to go after working class/government workers in their continued attacks against the middle class.
    Don’t recall seeing any of this Investigating jounalism when wall street was stealing. Be that as it may, I believe this incident is a microcosm of present day society’s attiudes toward work, workers, management and individual accountability. Yes are there bad employees…yes. Both in management and unions. Stop the blame game. It is the individuals responsiblity to account for his/her actions and not play the woe is me I am a victum card. Unions serve a place within the work place and have earned/bargained for many benefits we all enjoy and are legally required to represent all employees even if they are not in the union. They also serve as a check on Management and ensure fairness in desicions and in treatment. These carriers should be given their due process according to the contract that governs it. If they are fired( which they should be) the greivance system and contract works. The pointing fingers doesn’t solve or resolve anything but only adds to the confrontational/hostile enviroment that currently prevails in the service. As a postal manager I have seen ineptitude on both sides, up and down the line. And with the current fiscal status both are being taxed in workload assignments. Funny, but as I speak with fellow workers neither one would want to do what the other does. These employees should be fired whether they worked for USPS or AIG. Stop making excuses for poor personal choices and keep to a standard that meets common sense morals and ethics.

  • trout

    So GPS is stupid also. The fact that our employer who pays our salaries may deem it necessary is irrelevant I guess. FEDEX and UPS can all get in touch with their employees at any given time of the day and we can’t even demand or ask our employees for their cell phone numbers because it’s a violation of their privacy while they are on the clock. That makes a lot of sense doesn’t it? The fact is there are a lot of bums in all levels of the post office top to bottom. There are a lot of lazy managers also as well as managers that are just tired of arguing with grown ups who continually act like children. That is a fact that can not be denied. It still doesn’t make it right to do what these guys did. Someone mentioned where was management? If management had been the one observing this behavior instead of the news reporters; these guys would still have their job because the union would have argued “successfully” that management condoned their behavior by allowing them to drink for so many hours. SO I am glad it was all caught on camera. Management would have had to step in within 10 minutes and even then the NALC would have blamed them anyway. Catch 22. Someone else accused management of being lazy by giving the MSP sheets to the carriers to put up themselves. I guess management trying to treat the carriers with dignity and respect by “entrusting” the carriers to do the right thing is bad also? AS far as runners are concerned. According the the NALC in my office, a runner is a carrier who does the route faster than the regular. It has nothing to do with inspections. Everyone knows regulars slow down when their are inspections. Fact of life, no one wants to be added to. The NALC has training for this in their meetings. The only person who can’t finish their route on time on a consistent basis is the regular. Just ask any PTF he/she will tell you. Mail voilume has been dropping since the 90’s but ask the NALC and they will deny this. However, ask them to explain why all of a sudden the NALC at the national level, suddenly decided to work with management on the JRAP/MIARAP and now MYCRAP adjustments using the same numbers they said were bogus. Have them explain that one. Ask them if management is making up the adjustments without their input and agreement. Ask the local NALC if they agree with the process that they agreed to in the office but deny after the agreements and you will se what is going on. But I digress. These guys deserve to be fired after they get their due process. It will sit well with all the hard working carriers and postal workers nationwide who wish the bums would get what is coming to them. It will lift morale. It should happen with great alacrity so that we can all move on. Perhaps this will encourage those of us who feel entitled to geting paid for not working or just showing up to realize there are consequences for our actions or in this case, inactions. If you feel their are managers that are deserving of similar actions pick up the phone and report them. I have seen Postmasters moved and removed. Even the untouchables! Rare but it does happen. For the record and those who claim to have knowledge; NAPS is not a union. Period. NAPS is not subjective to collective bargaining. Get your facts straight.
    Protect the good workers and weed out the bad workers.
    A wise supervisor once explained: if everyone did what they were supposed to do, there would be nothing to do.

  • Steve

    Too bad most of the comments has to say management is maybe to blame. Why can’t you people see that these guys are sick and need to be fired and given help if they need it. Plain and simple–drink on the job and you are gone

  • Cheryl

    Mr. Trout is a Dump A…. Someone remove him from this page. We know what NAPS REP is! They represent Management when they get into trouble or can’t do their jobs? You have said a lot of nonsense and I am tired of listening to you. Regular carriers do what they are supposed to do. Carry their route and follow Instructions. When other carriers are assigned to the regular routes and runner is running their route is because they aren’t doing what the regulars are supposed to do. Haven’t you heard of maintaining the route stupid? Who do you think refill out the COA, Pull the mail when people move out, changing the old names to new name or putting vacant cards in the boxes so that the next person doesn’t put that mail back into the box? Ask every runner do they take their Breaks. Let me answer this question for you “NO”. So stop acting like regular carriers slow down during Inspections. We do what we are supposed to do, is follow the M-41 City Carrier Responsibilities. I am a Union Steward and if I had to represent those three carriers I might said 99% chance they would get their job back. It’s my job to represent member’s interest before management. And you sound like one of them. Hey everyone those guys have a drinking problem and I like to see that their jobs are returned. Let me say this Mr. Trout is a JERK.

  • Al Coholic

    I pissed! I wasn’t invited!

  • Simone Milligan

    Truly sad, I can say that I am an alcoholic and I can control myself for 8 hours. I barely have time for lunch so how in the hell do these guys have all of this extra time. Just remember someone is always watching. I just took a picture of a sleeping carrier to post on youtube. WTF

  • usps emp

    To any of you morons insisting that you can go where you want when you want for lunch. Get real. Each carrier has an authorized stop for lunch. I doubt a bar is on the list. Postal policy strictly prohibits drinking in uniform whether on or off duty. Read the policy, know the policy. What about the fact that it is illegal to drink and drive do you not understand. If they were in there eating and leaving in around thirty to forty minutes this would be a non issue. The fact is they were stealing time from the USPS by falsifying thier scans. This is the real reason the USPS is in financial trouble. Just too bad the majority are too ignorant to see it. I have been a Federal Employee for 26 years and I would have to say after working for other Federal agencies, the USPS although comprised of some very hard working people has some of the laziest employees in the federal work force. What an embarassment

  • trout

    Dear Cheryl……Thank youvery much. I knew the union would come through in the end….And prove my points as well.
    Leave it to the shop steward to say or is that “said”?
    “I am a Union Steward and if I had to represent those three carriers I might “said” 99% chance they would get their job back. It’s my job to represent member’s interest before management.”
    Imagine that, she thinks 99% chance they get their jobs back. Even with all the evidence against them. Of course my theory about the union is proven once again. They have a drinking problem they should be forgiven…send them to EAP blah…blah…blah…it’s managements fault….And I’m a jerk?
    At least I am not you…..It’s not managements’ interest you should be looking out for it’s the USPS you should be looking out for not just three bums but hundreds of thousands of hard working letter carriers. The day you follow the M41 is the day the sky falls on your head. Also, the M-41 does not supercede the ELM. Look it up so you can know what you are talking about. Given your statements here I have to say: I wish you could represent them. It would be a guaranteed win for management and all the good carrirs out there. . As for runners; again, ask any PTF and they will straighten you out….this is the real problem with the union right here in your own words…Any carrier who does the right thing is a runner who does not take breaks etc. This is what the union thinks. Stop acting like you are looking out for the carriers, your statement alone proves you are looking out for the bums and blaming the good carriers. Your words not mine….NAPS rep is a rep so? NAPS is still not a union. Look it up so you can know waht you are talking about….what was it you said? Dump Ass? That is almost phunny…..at least I’m no DUMB A…like you have made yourself out to be…don’t like what I say? Stop reading…this is America we can say what we want…some of us even speak the truth..can you say that?

  • Redman

    Still waiting!!!!! Fox never stated who the 3rd idiot was. The union nor management is to blame for this. Drinking on every job I could think of besides wine taster is a firing offense. Yes they need to get help, and the company should provide that, but If the Union shows support beyond getting them help (IE: asking for there jobs to be spared) then that will show that they condone this behavier.

  • Md

    Go union. If fox has anything to do with this article. The carriers do not have a chance. They want to privatize the post office. So the millionaires could make more money off you stupid little people. Who is the third person?
    All people do stupid things. Their jobs should not be the first to go. Find out the facts first.

  • zigster

    I have worked with carriers who could barely stand. And I have mentioned it to the sup who is only concerned about getting the mail delivered. They don,t care!!!!!

  • Appalled

    I’m sure that whoever their supervisor is, knew that these guys had drinking problems. Was EAP ever suggested? Not making excuses for them. But it’s not that easy to hide if they were drinking like that.
    And to 31year loser, I see how you got that name.
    When you correct someone, make sure you’re correct. The abbreviation for Management is (mgmt).

  • redman

    Oh yes there jobs should be the first to go!!!!!!!!
    These fools where DRINKING HELLO!!!!!for hours on the clock, scanning Bar codes, and OH YEAH jumping in government vehicles Under the infuence putting inicent folk lives at risk. I guess MD didnt watch the video or he doesnt trust his lying eyes. STILL WAITING FOR THAT 3RD FOOL BE PUT ON BLAST FOX

  • Ineedadrink

    lets not loose focus. Im reading all these blogs” Postal workers work till they cant stand”,”they deliver mail in snowstorms in July”, Come on people these guys where on the take and got caught. These are difficult days we are living in and those jobs are very hard to get. Those guys need to be fired and where is my Christmas Cards that was mailed out in November!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rude rooster

    as a 30 year carrier my guess is they will be the next supervisors in their station

  • OMG!

    UNBELIEVABLE! The carriers are responsible for their actions and should be terminated immediately. I work as a manager of distribution operations and I cannot believe that these employees were absent from their assignment for hours and no one noticed. I agree with Appalled and believe that someone knew that these employees had a drinking problem or knew that they were drinking on the job. Someone should be periodically inspecting the employee’s route! I am happy that FOX NEWS did this investigation on these employees. These employees could have hurt on killed someone while on the job. Where is the mail that they were supposed to be delivering? Again I say UNBELIEVABLE!

  • Ineedadrink

    FOX was unfair. There was 3 and they decide to blur out 1 employees face. why is that? Those men needed to be exposed and fired for sure. FOX went after the 2 hard, but chose to let one go. Was he management, was he white… I think FOX is up to there old tricks again.

  • jim jackson

    I know of a lot of carriers who finish their routes 2 to 3 hours early and hole up at spots until it’s time to go back to the office.They keep photocopies of their scan points with them so they can hit their scans at the right times. They go like snails at inspection time and make it look like their route is so big, when in reality, it isn’t. It’s odd how on some days they can burn it up so fast when they want to and on other days, they can milk it to the point where they need overtime or else they get help. And the union protects them. My route has been shown to be over by an hour but the union refuses to help me get it cut because their buddies would probably have their route added onto.

  • Elizabeth

    Those carriers needed to be fired. Being terminated will give them time, while sitting at home to think about their actions. They will be thinking about the good salaries they were making & thinking twice about drinking on any other job. That is if someone else attempts to hire them. There are so many other USPS employees who take pride in doing an excellent job of delivery service.

  • common sense

    Yes, I vaguely remember the NALC passing that resolution where they said they were going to single out Jim Jackson as the only letter carrier in the country who wouldn’t get his route shortened so he could drink in the bar with everyone else. So it IS true!

  • Cynthia

    I’ve been fortunate to retire from the postal service after 34 years. I retired as a supervisor. After viewing this video I am embarrassed to see how these employees rob the postal service by fraud, being on the clock while committing an infraction against the policy of the service. This is not an isolated incident. The carriers just happened to get caught. There are supervisors and managers who just turn their eyes another direction and ignore problems. This scanning of bar code to let their supervisor know that they are still working is a joke. Criminal thinking will also find a way to cheat the system until they get caught. It so happened to be video taped.

  • jose da mail man

    There drinking is just a symptom of the illness which is a hardness of the heart. There friends, associates are even case mates should have taken them by hand if necessary to seek help for there drinking problem. If they refused then reported them to the union steward and then management. This is what is called having compassion for your fellow man/woman. I don’t have to like you to love and respect you and by stepping in to help you when you obviously couldn’t help yourself is what we as people are to do for one another. They chose to endanger themselves and others, but lets face it their reasoning skills were dulled by substances to say the least. But the reasoning skills of those who stood by day in and day out and watched these 2 men destroy their careers and if not caught their lives and the lives of others, what can be said of them. So people you see it’s not just about accountability and being responsible for your actions its also about being caring, concerned and compassionate enough about people to want and need to make a difference in one persons life and do it. No union, not management, rule, guideline, protocol, or law can accomplish this. These men will have due process as afforded to all who live in this country thank goodness but now you see if just one person would have had the fortitude to help these sick self medicating functioning individuals then they wouldn’t have made the news and we wouldn’t be having this discussion. Love people and use things and not Love things and use people.

  • Redman

    Its not that hard fire all 3!!!!!!!!!

  • Evelyn

    They are really making the postal service look bad, the public already think that our salaries are paid by the government, but it’s not, its paid by customers who use the Postal Service to mail their packages, mail, etc. and when 3 postal wokers who cant wait to get off from work then go and drink do something like that for the world to see, thats shows how our company is lacking in customer service. My opion, they need to be fired, cause any time you are on a good paying job doing something stupid as that, then you dont deserve the job. Put them off the clock and move on, because there are hard working carriers out there like my self that does a great job and love it.

  • Rah-Jur

    ok….Hey Trout…you’re lying and…making stuff up. It isn’t that these 3 should be disciplined/corrective action. They were! They were immediately walked off (justifiably) the floor, and are (right now) without pay during the grievance procedure. But did you notice the end of the story…there were “5 supervisors who were relocated to different offices.” THAT’S THE PROBLEM. No “real” accountability for mgt. Not ONE day of being without pay. We can’t afford rubber bands, but the PG left with a golden parachute to the tune of million$. These supervisors just get a whole new office of victims to abuse, and they continue to reach for their paycheck. No prob here boss! Their OPF’s are cleared of all EEO’s and grievances In the process. It’s enough to make you drink, and you know what? I think I will right now…hic!

  • Bekah J

    I am a rural carrier in Wisconsin. We had the opportunity to join up with the NALC about 12 years ago. Our foolish union talked (almost) everyone out of it. The union is DUTY-BOUND to represent these fools even when the are CAUGHT RED-HANDED. I believe that they have the right to “fair trial”. It is very unfortunate that the NRLCA does not carry the same “clout” that the NALC does. Even though everyone knows they are wrong – the NALC will prevail and they will retain their jobs.

    I was fired in 2009 for “breaking a customer’s mailbox” and delivering 100 pcs. of BULK mail within the time limits set by USPS. The NRLCA REFUSES TO TAKE MY GRIEVANCE TO ARBITRATION BECAUSE THEY DON’T BELIEVE I CAN WIN. But these butt-heads will more than likely get their jobs back – as mentioned before – with full back pay. I would like to know where the justice is……just as a side-note – I did NOT break the box (the sub on the route the next delivery day signed a sworn statement that the box was not broken when she was there delivering). I followed EXACT procedure THAT WAS POSTED ON THE WORK ROOM FLOOR and I have been out of work for 16 months – anyone care to comment about that – hoping that some of the USELESS management types will see this and start asking the RIGHT questions………

    People are complaining about the “High-cost of postage”. The USPS tells them they are “cutting thousands of man-hours” every year – what they DON’T tell the public is that they are cutting actual “work hours” and not TOUCHING management “time and money wasting hours”. In fact, they hire more MANAGERS every year.

    The station I worked at was run for years by ONE SUPERVISOR with a Postmaster who hid-out in another branch station. NOW, THERE ARE THREE SUPERVISORS WHO ARE ABUSIVE and a Postmaster who is sitting home collecting a full paycheck because he was set up by one of the supervisors and connected to a “bogus” stamp stock theft SITUATION. The PM is home collecting the money and the INSANE supervisor is running the show – threatenting workers and harassing and ABUSING them on a daily basis.

    Anyone want to guess how long it will take the USPS to do something about this situation?

  • Bekah J

    One last comment – how many Managers and Supervisors are out DRIVING POSTAL-OWNED VEHICLES, taking their TEE-MARTUNI LUNCHES? Anyone going to bother finding out about that?

  • Post Lady

    I am

  • Goin’ Postal

    FACT: Taxes do not pay for postal employees.

    Scanning the bar codes in genius! I can’t believe more carriers don’t do that. I personally love when the postal employees are followed around clocked doing the routes. The one carrier on my route looked up to watch a military helicopter fly low overhead and was docked 8 seconds. WOW! What a bunch of bull.

    In all fairness, the carriers were at fault and stupid for thinking they could get away with it. I know of mechanics who fix cars who “drink” their lunch, and workers at the esteemed Harledy Davidson motorcycle factory who come to work to put break lines on cars with sunglasses on for the third shift and have a strong scent of aftershave and cologne. I sometimes smell booze and they are putting BRAKES on a vehicle. Imagine if one is done wrong also. The point is that the Post Office is NOT the only company who has these issues. They should follow politicans, senators and congressmen around also. I bet there would be some juicy stories… I can picture it now… Not one, not two, not three, not four, but five hookers serviced him… Bring on the truth and facts. Get’er done!

  • DPS

    These guys will be fired, then their wonderful union will fight for them and in bout 6 months they will have their jobs back with back pay, Oh yeah all their holidays and overtime too. Another reason why the Postal Service is struggling.
    Let’s ship the managers to another facility so they can do the same thing in that office.
    Typical P O

  • Dallas

    Those carriers are responsible for their behavior. Not the Union and not Management period.

  • TD

    I hope they are all fired for good not just for a couple of weeks. Of course they will probably get hired back and they will get the back pay to go along with it. It happens all the time in the Post Office.

  • trouto

    Ok Rah-Jur: you’ve proven me right again with your lack of intellignece…..I have not lied about anything nor made anything up….as for 5 supervisors being relocated to different offices … why should they face a day of leave without pay? I have to say you’re right about no accountability but wrong to lay it all on management…there is no accountability anywhere period……the NALC/APWU/MHU and management refuse to allow any accountability into the CBA where the problem lies….poor performance is tolerated to the point of making good employees sick. In my office the union president is the biggest piece of crap there is but no one does anything about it. He just got cut and still asks for help every day. He has every excuse you can think of also……If people were accountable there would be fewer problems and a lot more happy employees…… millions of dollars worth of pay for the PMG? you must be high… oh wait a minute; you said you were…..New offices with new victims to abuse? Now you’re on crack….as can be seen in the video those poor carriers in Philly were so abused they had time to drink on the clock, scan bar codes illegally, remain on over time illegally and drive drunk….not only that, they did it repeatedly on camera…..oh yeah they were victims alright…..You crack me up…I bet you’re a model employee yourself…….records cleared of everything? What an idiot…….you should stick to what you know……nothing.

  • trouto

    Oh and by the way; I can give names and addresses of carriers who are probably at a bar or at home right now on overtime……and I wouldn’t be wrong…..

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