• herman

    Cut Saturday delivery, Donahoe just do it.

  • Ralf

    He just said cutting 7500 managemnt staff will save 750 million…..
    Then cut more management,there is no demand in the world for standing around with your hands in your pants.
    No VP needs 10 yes men to travel with, No Postmaster needs 5 yes men.
    Cut Overhead!!!!!! Non-Productive positions!

  • Nutzy

    Fat Pat is clueless. Been sitting on his brain way to long.

  • paul shapiro

    why not just have an early out for the letter carriers that will save so much money and please give an early out for all cers employees and carriers give them twenty five thousands dollars to each carrier you would see all cers people go .people are just waiting for an early out offer so just do it and you will loose so much people that would save so much money

  • brian

    Paul- if they do that, then who delivers the mail? Carriers aren’t sitting around doing nothing- year to date carriers have averaged 12% overtime.

  • So There!

    Finally, a PMG willing to make the tough decisions. Needed to be done 3 years ago. I wonder if the unions are willing to accept cuts to save the company. It took 2 bankruptcies but the UAW finally came around.

  • common sense

    Why should the unions accept cuts to pay for the billions Congress is leeching from us?

  • jim

    If cost is a driving fact, why are you closing the Southeast Area Office in Memphis TN that the Postal own and moving their function to Dallas TX in a office that we rent. Who made that decision? Memphis would better located in the area.

  • Ruth

    Yes, upper Management is heavy but craft employees are milking the company also. Remember, we, yes Management and craft, work for the same company. You don’t have to agree with all decisions/policies but you just need to understand. Stop pointing fingers and take responsiblity for yourself. Stop this me against Management mentality because we all work for the same company that people in power now want to privatized.