McCain thinks “going after” the USPS will help balance the budget?

On CBS’s Face the Nation this morning, failed presidential candidate John McCain displayed a rather breathtaking ignorance of how the US Postal Service is financed when he suggested that “going after sacred cows” like “the post office” was a key strategy in cutting back federal spending. McCain is apparently unaware of the fact that the USPS, whatever its current problems, pays its own way. Here’s what McCain said, word for word:

“The Post Office- a model of inefficiency- horse and buggies in days of when Internets and communications have basically replacing it more and more uh we have to go after the sacred cows”

McCain added that he could solve Social Security “on the back of an envelope”. McCain’s postal comments come at about the 8:20 mark:

  • mailguy

    Can you believe this guy was the smart one on the Mcain Palin ticket?!!

  • amy

    I would be curious to know how much political mail he sent out to promote his campaign.

  • alice

    No he is stupid

  • John

    The man is ignorant. He is helping to make decisions on how our country is run, and he doesn’t know the basic concept of how the US Postal Service is run WITHOUT government dollars? C’mon McCain, read up a little.

  • John

    You can now see the importance of COLCPE. We are in for the fight of our lives to maintain jobs and 6 day delivery. Obviously the people in DC need to be better educated on Postal issues. Sign up to be an activist and donate to COLCPE

  • dryMAILman

    Obama, McCain, and my own union I’m sorry to say, would never “go after” notorious Northrop Grumman. They all seem to be from the same party. So let’s buy 200 more flats shuffler shredders and sink the USPS once and for all.

  • Rural mail lady

    Dimentia?? Thank the lord that he is NOT running the country!

  • xxx23

    What a dick…. learn a little about the USPS before you speak on National TV… The friggin congress and senate should be run as good as the USPS is… USPS generates a surplus… the federal government runs a deficit… hence the federal government raids the USPS coffers. He may be a hero, but he is ignorant for sure.

  • kurt

    it is unfortunate to see such words come out of our elected officials, over and over again.maybe mr.guffey needs to step on over to the senate and congessional buildings and enlighten folks on the usps, and how it is…..yeah….right

  • Lifer

    This is truly “dumbing down America” when our “respected” politicians don’t even know what they are talking about. It is a really sad day in America.
    Let’s go back to the Founding Fathers and use there wisdom to put America back on her feet again.
    We need God in America again – Carman

  • Nutzy

    Mr. McCaine Got it right on Ethonal being the biggest farce ever in US.Although he dose not have A clue about the P.O. funds. I have to agree the USPS is A dying horse.And Fat Pat will only get fatter with his CHOSEN 8!!While the real workers the crafts are minced to oblivia.

  • Labman

    This is the very reason why I love this country but hate the government, Du masses are elected and run the country in the ground.

  • Stephen

    Mccain and his Republican corporate owned whores are completely out of touch with working men and women. We are at war with the Republicans. It is time too fix bayonets and repel this attack on us!!!!



  • Kim Caughron

    What? A sacred cow? HAHAHAHAHA! I remember delivering several of his campaign ads. Did I mention several? I don’t think the post office is run by the government. USPS doesn’t use the federal money. They yse ours!

  • joe says

    The funniest part is tat at least half of our dumb ass employees voted for this stupid ass….

  • joe says

    And John is correct we are in the fight of our lives for survival unfortunately six day delivery has already been dealt away…c’mon folks read more between the lines…if you dont understand why we are not hiring and you are so short staffing, ask yourself one question…are we staffed well enough for five day delivery? surprise!!…what is the average IQ on this site??

  • getreal

    No, Whats really funny are the dumbasses that voted for this moron. They’re still in denial, following these out of touch rightwing lugnuts right over the cliff into the oblivion. I’m glad I’m on my way out . I think I’ll go puke now, knowing who’s in charge of our country!

  • peteymacsmom

    What an idiot!

  • Ralf

    Go back to the Hanoi Hilton

  • Sal

    That’s why they called the Mccain/Palin ticket a marriage of DUMB & DUMBER

  • John

    Which is dumber, what Mccain said or when Obama said he couldn’ understand why the PO was doing so poorly when UPS and FedEx are doing well. I think both comments are equally dumb and it shows that both sides Rep’s and Dem’s really need to sit down and do a little homework…….. for a change.

  • Kyle

    He calls himself a maverick? He knows less about the PO than Bret Maverick did.

  • rich

    i almost couldn’ t stop laughing wondering how he could display such ignorance with people watching. the epitome of the short man syndrome i think.

  • desertnymph58

    How about these elected idiots’ free health care and other spiffs don’t continue when they’re no longer in office? I’m sure Warmonger McCain would consider that necessary spending.

  • Ben

    Do you believe both houses get retirement after 12 ys.
    With medical free?

  • OG

    McCain is again out-of-touch with reality. This time the American public is not paying much attention to his “horse and buggies” rhetoric. It’s time for John McCain to dance to the truth. Fix the prefunding with no strings attached, John – then, we’ll listen!


  • Bob

    You folks are forgetting that the Postal Service is “UNION”, thats what this whole thing is about, in 2006 they put The Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act on the Postal Service (5+ Billion) knowing that by 2010 USPS would be way in the hole, its all planned out, they are trying to lower middle class wages by getting rid on the Unions and you know what??? it working, If the truth be known I don’t think the Republicans wanted to win the presidental race in 2008 or they would have ran someone other then McCain….

  • Bill

    You can’t fix stupid!

  • Tony

    VERA now!

  • Fatboy

    As much as I admire his war record I’m shocked that he would make a statement as ignorant as that for his political gain. He has hurt his career with that thoughtless and insensitive statement.

  • hobobob

    How about the pensions and benefits of the sacred cows referred to as public officials (i.e. John McCain)?

  • Rudibear

    McCain has always been stupid. He may be getting water
    on his brain. John give it up……..retire and don’t take your pension….that will help the budget.

  • david miranda

    Attention Postal workers of America: keep voting for Republiclowns….they are after your votes….your best interests…..and your job…they “know” the American voter is stupid and has a short memory…let’s prove them wrong once and for all……

  • me

    What ever happened to this guy. It’s like he is out of touch with reality or jusy oblivious to what is really happening in this country.

  • Norm

    This profound idiot was going to attempt to be a President with Mary Poppins as his VP before she swooned the teabag idiots. If he can’t even get the Postal Service issue correct, what was he thinking about when he wanted to push Social Security into the stock market? WOW! And health care and Medicare? Scary. But, then again. They are the “Fright Wingers”. God help the Postal Service if he was to ever get his hands on it.

  • Norm

    Actually the comment made by President Obama was a very intelligent one. Why can UPS and FedEx be doing so well while the Postal Service is not? Well, IF only postal management had not elected to just surrender the parcel business to competition, then we could be competitive in that field, also. So, due to hideous decision making by the postal brains, we are left with what we are left with. Easier for management to micromanage a smaller amount due to their inability to perservere for longperiods of time. Good comment, Mr President.

  • KALV

    When McCain made his incorrect statement about Postal Service funding–why didn’t the FACE THE NATION moderator correct him and state that the Postal Service is NOT funded by taxpayer dollars and actually pays its own way?? Republicans state a lie and repeat it over and over again until people believe it and television anchors interviewers never challenge the lies. Why is that???

    Furthermore, what right do they have to cut Social Security benefits? It is OUR money that we paid into–not the government’s. Republicans only care about money–the money in their back pockets–they don’t care about people!

  • steve lee

    ok, senile is all I can say, haven’t gotten a penny from the government in how many years? Time to retire McCain, go to a Veterans home and enjoy life!

  • carole smith

    If anyone has the opportunity to read GAME CHANGE by John Heilemann and Mark Halperin about the 2008 campaign of Obama and the Clintons, McCain and Palin, and the Race of a Lifetime, please do so. You will really understand what all goes on in these political circles.

    A lot of citizens who do not have insurance would certainly love to have the same coverages as our legislators, along with their substantial pensions and perks.

    We need TERM LIMITS!