Careers Headed For The Trash Pile: Postal Workers?

According to Forbes, postal workers rank among the top ten careers “headed for the trash pile”:

Technology has certainly put postal service mail sorters on the chopping block. After losing almost 57,000 jobs between 2004 and 2009, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) expects a further 30% decline in this occupation by 2018.

According to jobs researcher and author of 2011 Career Plan, Laurence Shatkin, Ph.D., this occupation has seen some erosion from increased communication via phone, e-mail and cloud computing. Yet the chief reason for the decline, Shatkin says, is that mail sorting has become mostly automated, and robots are replacing people.

via Jobs Outlook: Careers Headed For The Trash Pile – Jenna Goudreau – The Other Half – Forbes.

  • Nutzy

    Robots are replacing people no doubt.However they scatter mail all over the US. Some chewed up in the machine process also.Never to be seen again.After losing mail the customer looses faith in the USPS and goes to online bill paying,statements,ect.Sorry to say I am one of them customers. So the great robots save money in the short term but help cause the failure of USPS.

  • Idiotland

    Being able to even make a living is headed for the junkpile in this failed state thanks to the greedy plutocrats offshoring american industry.

  • Randy McCammon

    You are correct in your concern about the destroyed mail. I am one of the Technicians who maintains the robots. There is a very good reason why the mail is destroyed. Robots do replace people ( sadly), and people retaliate. Managements pay level are also tied to how many workers they supervise.
    They do not assign any or enough operators to operate the robots. Or, they assign the laziest, most ignorant workers to them. Or, the latest tactic is to run the trays with no sleeves on them– this cause the letters to be slung out of the trays about 1/3 of the time. The robots are being sabotaged by management and to a lesser extent, the workers. When we first got them here in memphis we had 2 guys who did an excellent job at operating them. We made the mistake of complimenting them to management. They were removed from the robots the next day and have never been back.

  • In Limbo

    Not to worry! Former PMG Potter said mail volume would return as soon as the recession was over, more proof of how out of touch management is. Vera will be offered to EAS soon, hopefully without cash, it’s where most of the dead weight is. No wonder management doesn’t have a clue they don’t touch the mail.

  • Bernie

    Why don’t we go back to old times, people working 8 hours, sorting the mail manually, security on the job, going to the movies, shopping, spending money, creating jobs, no worry about cut hours on the jobs, I think I dream too much, I hope the people who make money out of this live 100 years and be able to enjoy, god bless america folks

  • Ralf

    No machine will deliver it to your door.
    No machine will hire ignorant tie-wearing disfunctional morons to manage .
    See there

  • OG

    Maybe 100 years from now, machines will be able to deliver the physical mail to most delivery points. 20 years from now, non-tie-wearing machines will be able to supervise. BUT, never-ever would a machine do it like a real person.

    Unions never stood against postal automation. Unlike the UK’s Royal Mail, US Unions helped management get more efficient with increased use of technology. It is time for HQ and management to recognize that fact. Why do you think the USPS is one of the most efficient and economical post services in the world in 2011? – (oh, minus the PAEA retiree health benefits prefunding AND the inadequate pension overfunding – still in use by thr OPM).

    Just my 2 cents. No need to raise the First Class Mail rates at this time.


  • Caiomhin

    I used to pose the following question: after you’ve replaced all of the workers with automation, after you’ve shipped all the jobs away, who’s going to buy your products? I hate to say it, but I now know the answer. American industry has determined that this country is yesterday’s news and their future lies with the emerging middle class in China and India. It hurts, I mean it really hurts, as an American, as a proud union member, to come to this realization, but there it is. I think we are in for a long, steady period of decline in this country. I would be interested to hear other people’s thoughts on this. In fact, I would really welcome someone convincing me that I’m wrong about this. Thanks.

  • Tech

    OK lets get real. How many clerks will it take to replace the sorting capability down to DPS of one DBCS? Ok now multiply that by 18, which is the number that we have at my P&DC. Please realize that you will have to pay these clerks up to $25.00 dollars an hour plus posh benefits to do what exactly? Load mail on a ledge? Please get real. The Post Office needs automation to survive and maintain some sort of efficiency. Now the short timers are lamenting the good old days. How about the employees that have 20 plus years to go? We can’t afford to think like the old timers if we want to retire from the Post Office. I understand and appreciate your service. However, times have changed. Mail volume in general has increased since the early nineties. Notice I said volume. Most of the letter type mail is now BBM. The only way to make money on this type of mail is automation. By the way if you are reading this, my bet is its online electronically. Lets all get a grip and think about the future. I know that a lot of very experienced Postal personal are going to retire. I hope some of them leave a positive contribution to our future. In addition, if some of you have children please, please, please teach them how to write and mail a letter. Letter writing seems to be a dying art.

  • brian

    “By the way if you are reading this, my bet is its online electronically.”

    Golly, ya think??

  • Tech

    OMG did I get it right? I was guessing 😉