USPS to cut 10 districts, 7,500 admin positions

The Washington Post’s Ed O’Keefe reports on Twitter that Postmaster General Pat Donahoe plans to reduce the USPS administrative workforce by 30%. Plans include eliminating 2,000 postmaster positions, consolidating about ten of the service’s 74 district offices. The changes would cut about 7,500 jobs overall.

Update: In a subsequent entry on his Federal Eye blog, O’Keefe says that the 7,500 job reduction will take place “through attrition as eligible workers retire”.

  • fUD

    IF it’s true, isn’t it amazing that Potter could only INCREASE the numbers by creating VP positions?

  • Robin

    Wouldn’t be a bad thing if Donahoe has a little Carvin’ Marvin in him!

  • Rob

    Sounds like he has at least some Carvin’ Marvin….but will he cut those who handle the mail too? And with the admin jobs going more work for those that are left and more mandatory programs that will suffer in the long run. Maybe he is counting on Congress to do something about worker comp costs such as the elderly still on the FECA rolls and reduced incentives to stay off work.

  • ron

    As Accenture takes on more and more postal work…at 2 to 3 times the cost, well, what did postal folks think was happening?

  • Deb

    Finally, a coat effective Postmaster General! Here is a thought; offer VIER to all CSRS employees. Calculate the immense savings to the payroll Mr. Donahue!!

  • Joe

    So which 2000 Post Offices will be closed in order to eliminate 2000 Postmaster positions?

    It’s not cost-effective if the Post Office is so diminished it can’t get the mail delivered or serve the customers.

  • Jim


  • Tony

    VERA For the EAS?

  • Mike Hunt

    Whoop de dooo!!! Still NOT nearly enough!!!!

  • Anon

    This is good news, keep cutting, theres more wasted space. This should trickel from the top, all the way to the very bottom. Next, they should create standards and contracts with all employees, tow your line, or get out.

  • postal worker

    Congress will not let us close offices.

  • Just sayin

    There are already 40 Postmaster jobs that they have not filled in just my MPOO area. So they wont be eliminating jobs they will just keep filling them with OIC’s. The old bait and switch

  • Vinnie

    VERA with cash. Then you can count you damn mail and run back and forth to the office to pick up express instead of me having to chase you lazy ass down.

  • David

    @ Mike – nice name. Watching way too many old movies.

    @ postal worker – we already close offices, you probably just don’t see it in your community. Offices close because nobody wants the position…sub-level 13 PM jobs. The key is they are reducing the # of “positions” not actual bodies on staff. There are so many vacant PM jobs out there that there probably will only be a small domino effect.

    The original proposal was to eliminate 30 district offices. In some areas, districts are only 20 miles from border to border so those are the offices they’ll be looking to close. Some are way too large (geographically speaking) to close at this point.

    What they need to do is cut out the people that are in admin jobs now that don’t know what they’re doing – they’re only there because there’s nowhere else for them to go. Promote those who are qualified to do the work, not those that just need a job to do.

  • postal worker

    David, so the postal reorg. law has changed? You might suspend for lack of employee but I doubt you have closed many.

  • scott

    I think Donahoe is going in the right direction. Not only management should be cut but what about us city carriers. Mail volume has dropped to nothing in our office and we still do the same thing everyday and still get paid for 8 hours and overtime. Put us on evaluation time like rural carriers and cut out overtime and we will be happy. managers fuss at us because we want get out of office soon enough and then when we dont get back from street they fuss again and we do they just put us on standby time , but we still get paid. Lets eliminate some jobs and go to 5 day work week.

  • Girlyman

    After 25 yrs i have never seen 1 decision made by management being the right decision…..just another fraud

  • Double D

    Donahoe was part of the Potter machine and is the reason the USPS is falling apart. They should have been good enough managers to see the down turn and prepare the USPS for it. I am eligible to retire and feel sorry for those who can’t. The last 6 years have been a disaster for me and those I work with. It seems they were working on tearing the USPS down so it can be just like all the other Federal Agencies. Can’t wait for my last day, I just wish those I leave behind could have the same opportunities I had.

  • Colorado Postmaster

    They didn’t say close 2000 Post Offices—-they said eliminate 2000 Postmaster positions. Offices would likely stay open with a non-PM operating.

  • “cartero”

    if everyone would just “come to work”. not just wake up in the morning, take a shower, get dressed, drive to station, and once you get to the front door say “oh, my back hurts, oh my leg hurts, oh my kid is sick, etc………(get my drift)

  • carl

    Scott, you cant be serious! Evaluated routes? The Rurals in my office just lost an average of 6 thousand dollars apeice because management re-evaluated their routes after FSS. 6 thousand dollars! I suggest that instead we properly adjust the routes to 8 hours so the carriers have a fighting chance of making it back each day. They evaluate you one day then start giving you two or three coverages a day the very next week? Hourly pay is the only way to stop management games. With hourly pay if they screw up your route they pay from now on.

  • Bernie

    OK guys this is t you are he time to see what are you made of, be honest to yourself and see if you are doing the job you are suppose to be doing, if it’s yes keep going otherwise let the lord decide your fate, god bless all my coworkers

  • Ready to retire

    Double D- I agree with you about the last few years. I swear Potter was purposely trying to destroy the Postal Service. I also feel that the investment in flat sorting technology when flat volume has dropped drastically is a terrible decision. I can sort the flats on my route in an hour on a heavy day. Now we’ll be waiting for delayed trucks and broken down machines like we are with DPS. Management is expecting big savings from the flats and it isn’t going to happen. Of course it will be blamed on the craft workers for not achieving the goals set by dubious data. I have been a city carrier for 35 years and I used to love my job. Now it’s like a nightmarish tape loop with mandated overtime and no help even on the worst weather and volume days. Right now we have a carrier to cover each route in our office and absolutely no other help, not even a TE. Open routes are split up between the regulars on the OT list. Some days 3 routes out of 10 in our office are uncovered. Carriers are delivering until 7:00 at night. I think it’s about time to trim management. There’s no meat left on the bone on the carrier and clerk side.

  • Stephen

    It,s about damn time! Get rid of these worthless clipboard carrying POC’s….

  • AC2

    Stephen…what is a POC??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Frank

    Get rid of all number pushers and lets move the mail we do have.

  • Postmaster in midwest

    They closed my office last year, using a loop hole of building not in good shape. Other offices with in just a few miles in worse shape are still open, my office actually made money in this economy. No, I didn’t lose my job, now at another office. So, some office closures will probably happen, those will be few, and only under a loop hole of another excuse for closure. Job losses will not occur due to there being so many vacancies nation wide. DUO, is now going to do some of the same……..example, the committee is in the eastern side of the state, not at all familiar with western side. The preliminary list of offices to be in the DUO process will not result in cost savings, however, I could give them a DUO list that would be cost effective. But, things look different on paper at Headquarters than they do in the trenches getting the mail delivered.

  • Ralf

    Sounds good, but trusting Management’s honesty is comes difficult.

  • Jack

    Our new PMG might
    be able to save this place !

  • suckap..sta

    i hope the westchester ny district is the first one close and then all the genius’s that are running all the PROGRAMS and other garbage will have to either find a job no one wants or travel 50 miles to work, hahahah
    it serves them right to get a taste of their own medicine

  • Kim

    I have been in the postal service for 28 years and in management 18 of those. I see plenty of comments coming through and the most is downgrading the postal service. Yes it has its faults but we as employees must keep it a float. I worked in tobacco fields, hay fields and factorys. I have been a carrier and a clerk and now management. I have had the best 28 years of my life. It is furnished my family well and put both my kids through college. All I here is get rid of management and I know there are some we can trim but with the decline of mail and most carriers know that their route is not 8 hours in most places in more we have to cut where necessary to keep surviving or believe me we will not be the Postal Service of the future. No management, no unions-you will not need them because you will run the Post Office. Let’s all work together, get along and keep this business alive for a long time. We make good money for what we do and I am proud to be a part of it.

  • cival servant

    Everyone take a 10% cut do it for Donahue

  • Poom Area 1


  • Martha

    If the Postal Service really wants to save money, here is how. I have been talking with my co-workers and it seens to us just waive 5 years. Service of time, age or a combonation of both. Civil service ended for the post office December 31, 1983. That means you have at least 27 years. So give the civil service their 56% and let us go. The PMG is right we are top heavy too.

  • Rudibear

    The POOM’s serve no useful purpose.
    Fire all of them. Most office’s delay 1ST class mail daily and it never is reported.

  • Guy Nohrenberg

    Wait a minute. How do you “eliminate” postmaster positions? Eliminate post offices? Deny service to a city? Noooope… that’s misinformation.

  • Pat

    Remember 5 regions and management sectional centers and no PCES below the regions? Looks like it’s moving that direction fast. Postmaster vacancies are everywhere and clerks in charge will probably end up filling those positions. That’s how you eliminate postmasters; not by closing offices.

  • Ready to retire

    Kim-We need to pull together to save the Postal Service but I disagree with your comment about carrier routes being under 8 hours. The carrier craft is the most scrutinized in the post office. We have 99s done on a regular basis which are handled by postal management. We have multiple scans on our routes to show where we are at what time. We have managers follow us on street observation. We have MIARAP which has adjusted our routes due to falling mail volume. All these measures are performed by management. If routes are under 8 hours in your office, it’s management’s fault for not doing their job correctly. In our area, mail volume has increased with several circulars a week. Most routes received a 1/2 hour addition through MIARAP. I agreed to this addition because the volume was down and I was pivoting on other routes to make an 8 hour day. Now that our volume has increased, our supervisors expect us to finish in 8 hours even with the MIARAP adjustments. All I can say is blood from a stone. I think it would be fair if every craft, including management, was evaluated to see if they are doing an 8 hour days worth of work. I know I am and I have no trouble sleeping at night.

  • To Pat

    Why would you want to have clerks in charge instead of Postmasters? The pay scale for a clerk is just as high as a level 13 PM and higher than a level 11 PM and they have contractual rights that a PM doesn’t have!

  • desertnymph58

    Get rid of rural carriers who can’t handle their jobs. We have a few in my office who roll mail every Monday, and every other day they can get away with it. This isn’t because of mail volume, it is because the carriers are slow in every aspect of the job. Plenty of time to take a break and send text messages and socialize on the workroom floor. There are plenty of hard-working RCA’s waiting to make regular. Dump the dead weight and improve customer service for those routes.

  • jbmack

    Customer service is the key, you can save money BUT you have to make money also. I went to a finance unit yesterday and guess what they were out of stamps and had NO priority boxes. I wonder how much we paid for the advertising for AL the carrier to promote priority mail ( If it fits it ships??).

  • callie

    Check out the money the PO spent on sponsoring lance Armstrong and the cycling team…unreal!

  • rose

    I disagree with those of you that want to get rid of rural and city clerks. These people goes out here in all kinds of where to do there jobs.. The ones that are complain never did their jobs. I am a clerk and I have not done there job. but when you have the mail not getting to you on time. Then you have management that don’t know how to manage then yes you are going to be on the street until dark. We have three manager in our office that just look at the computer all day. If we have a costomer in the need of assistance good luck. because the want to pass it off to another manager. Wake up people we need to quit fighting with one another in the office and join forces against manager and postmasters.

  • Kim

    Rose if you are going to post something, at least learn to spell and use sentences correctly. Hope you don’t work my mail. Yes that is what most say, let’s join forces against management. If you get down to it and poll managers, most will tell you we are all in it together. Lets work together people or I promise you there will be major changes in years to come and some of you will be on the unemployment line and then you would have wished you would have tried to help out. Again we make good money for what we do. Where else can you go and make this kind of money.

  • Trina

    I am a postal employee. I can’t believe some of the things I am reading. It is so easy to point the finger when things are going bad but maybe we should try pulling together to make things better. Lets face it, we make more money than 1/2 of the country. If the postal service goes under, how hard is it going to be to find another job that makes the amount of money we make?

  • guzz77

    right on trina we do make good money and need to pull together but I also have to agree some routes are not eight hours and on a given day it depends how much mail there is on that day and they can’t walk with you every single day. clerk ptf’s have a tough job six days for 40 hours and usually in our office 50 plus because we are at the point that we don’t have enough help to handle the work load. If the usps wants to make money look at bulk mail non-profit mailing a letter for 15.5 cents with a bar code cheaper ,how do we make money on that also express mail should be post office to post office the customer picks it up we can’t possibly make anything on that when our office has to call someone in to deliver it cause our carrier can’t get there by noon and they don’t want the carrier to deviate from the route I could go on but my fingers are getting tired

  • cris

    Cutting costs is great and necessary, but how about management level spending as much time calling customers to INCREASE REVENUE as they do working on cost cutting. For example, how much more revenue do we need to pay for GPS systems in each vehicle?

  • Ruralcarrier

    I’m a rural carrier in a small rural office. Our OIC was off for 8 weeks and we never missed her. Most of her work could be done by our clerk by 9am. One Postmaster could easily cover several rural offices, and leave a clerk or PMR to run the window. They don’t have to close offices to cut postmaster positions. I welsome PM Donahue’s effort to cut management positions. So far they have only cut mail handlers and delivery personel and it shows. Mail isn’t sent through as fast and delivery has suffered in urban areas. The job of anybody who doesn’t handle mail should now be up for review, with possible elimination or consolidation of that position. That’s where the dead wood in the Postal service is at.

  • H. jablome

    204 b’s will be a thing of the past…….

  • patrick

    For those management folks (this would include myself), we need many jobs evaluated and eliminated. Yes, I said eliminated. Now for the craft folks that take advantage of OUR organization daily, you better wake up and smell the coffee. Get off you butts and do what you are being paid to do and quit your bitching. And if you don’t, expect the worse…………….in an unemployment line as well as we will all be. I am so sick of you folks (management and craft) that tear down our business. You will soon pay the price but unfortunately, the folks that work their butt off because they love this organizaton and it puts a lot of good food on the table, will pay the price also. Get your heads our to your “ass” and lets ALL pull together and make this organization survive.

  • Ohio Manager

    If Donahoe wants to save money, offer the CSRS Postmasters and Managers an incentive, and fill those positions with lower level management. This would save the Postal Service a bundle of money within the next three years or so. And go with the 5 day delivery, only a few businesses really care if they get mail on Saturdays, most could care less. That would save the gasoline usage in our postal vehicles, replacement carriers would be eliminated, utility bills reduced, wear and tear on all postal vehicles, etc. now thats what needs to be done to cut costs!!!!

  • Pat

    80 – 85% of total expenses are personnel related. That leaves only 15 – 20 cents of every dollar that can be impacted by things like the Ohio Manager outlined. While that would help, it’s not nearly enough to save the company.

  • larry

    The problem is that they don’t get the big picture. In my case they evaluate a route to summer volume for j rap then after the snowbirds return and i mean hundreds return they still harass for 8 hour days. Then eliminate the clerk positions so we can’t get the mail to us. Maybe i can sneak a picture of the managers throwing hot case and the carriers working parcel posts for you to get the picture. Then to make matters worse they have to count you numerous times to see why 8 can’t be accomplished. Hello mcfly problem is on street. I recently went to a site where you can check postal 2010 base salary’s, looked up all the managers that were sent to my office to see why times were off. Total salary for these managers counters were a few thousand under 500 k, not bad to see why our routes take longer due to snowbird arrivals which summer j rap numbers don’t account for.

  • Charley

    There is a major problem when Level 11 and Level 13 Postmasters are considered Supervisors (EAS) by the Unions. The Union’s cry is that they have reduced carrier and clerk positions, but not EAS. Duh! The majority of EAS are postmasters in small offices. Most Level 11 and Level 13 will confirm that other than the conversations with customers at the window there isn’t 8 hours worth of work. Create a new pay scale (less than clerks) for these positions and take them out of the EAS rolls. 8 hours work for 8 hour pay should apply to these positions also.

    To make a flat, more customer responsive management structure ,either the Districts or Areas need to go. Create POOM like postions at HQ to manage the Districts. Get rid of a complete level. Perhaps some communication would flow back to HQ. Currently Areas do not share the truth with HQ, because it may be their future promotion.

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  • michael m

    Privatize Now. Please. As an employee since 1974,$4.38 an hour,thought I had died and went to heaven,LOL, I have seen a lot. Chicago MPO had over 12,000 workers in ONE site. Get rid of the managers with GED’S.Bring in the pros.Lets turn a profit. What is everyone worried about ? UPS drivers make more than carriers and MVOLearn more at POSTALPRIVATIZIONACT.COM

  • brian

    Charley says “There is a major problem when Level 11 and Level 13 Postmasters are considered Supervisors (EAS) by the Unions.” The point you’re missing is that these lower level PMs are clerks in everything but name. If it makes you feel better to call them clerks, go for it, but it won’t save any money. And when you’re the only employee in an office, you’re not considered a supervisor by anyone.

  • sunny az

    8 hrs work for 8 hrs pay. Is that so hard. Postal employees dont realize how blessed we all are working for the USPS. For everyone that complains, I don’t see you looking for another job because your so unhappy with the postal service. Yeah! Didn’t think so.. Just shut up and do your job or get out.

  • luvin it

    Here’s how you save some money in our area. You hire a PMR for a level 55 office. The PMR becomes an OIC, full time. Increases revenue better than 50% from the previous OIC, decreases cost of running the office. Makes $10/hr. No benefits. I love my job, I will continue to bust my butt for this job and this business because I believe in it. But I just got a job offer at twice the money with benefits. The problem? Apparently I am the only one stupid enough to take this job because nobody else in my POOM (idiot man) wants to take over my office. Because it pays $10/hr. How many of you would work for that kind of money?

  • alice

    as a postal worker i can honestly say that my route is over 8 hours and the organization knows it. unfortunately the time had to go somewhere. we are faced with many situations on the street. crime in our area being a major one. when letter carriers start getting into more dangerous sitations i guess the realization of hazardous work will be noted.

  • PO Patty

    Been a rural carrier for more than 25 years, and still love my job. I work in a Level 21 office and have had too many PM’s and OIC’s to count. They only thing that changed was the morale. Managers who held carriers accountable for their performance and treated everyone equally got the most effort from their carriers. We have many offices where one PM could cover up to 5 small rural offices, within the 50 miles range. The “savings” promised with FSS will never be realized, and the 38% increase in Hdq. staff in the last 10 years proves Potter had no desire to run the Post Service. If Donahoe would listen to the employees who actually touch the mail, I am sure we could save money and be much more willing to sacrifice if we were not alone. I will always be thankful for my years with the Post Office and hope it continues to serve our customers in the manner to which they have been accustomed.

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