PostCom joins unions in call for Obama to act on USPS funding

The Association for Postal Commerce (Postcom) has joined postal unions in calling on the President to do something about the Congressionally mandated over-funding of pensions that threatens to bankrupt the US Postal Service:

Mr. President, we join our voice with those of our colleagues who deal with each day’s challenge of ensuring that our nation has the benefits that come from a universal mail system. Mail is, and will remain, for quite some time to come, an important part of the way this nation communicates and does business. The U.S. Postal Service is an Executive Branch agency. It is being imperiled needlessly by budget scoring mechanisms that don’t even comport with reality. It’s time to direct others within the Executive Branch to take sensible steps to rectify this matter.

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  • Vinnie

    About time these mailers respond instead watching the USPS sink. I guess they realized their bottom line would shrink if Obama doesn’t act. About time to work together.

  • Bernie

    Finally mailers you are about to lose your prima donna discount of about 80%, good you side with us, you got power thank you guys, I think a bailout is coming to us, GOD BLESS AMERICA