Donahoe Sworn In as 73rd Postmaster General of the United States

WASHINGTON, Jan. 14, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Patrick R. Donahoe today took the oath of office in front of employees and family members to become the 73rd Postmaster General of the United States and the CEO of the U.S. Postal Service.

Pledging to return the Postal Service to profitability and continue to provide high levels of customer service, Donahoe announced a new partnership with eBay as part of a renewed push to generate much needed revenue and the expansion of the Forever Stamp program for customer convenience.

“I am confident that we will emerge as a profitable, market-responsive organization that competes for customers and delivers even greater value to the American people,” Donahoe said.

Earlier this week, the Postal Service signed a new, five-year contract with eBay to provide online tools and marketing programs to help millions of small businesses grow through the use of direct mail, while providing some of the best shipping prices to fulfill new customer orders.

“Our alliance with eBay continues to strengthen and grow. This new contract builds on the trust the eBay community has invested in us as their leading shipper of choice,” Donahoe said.

Beginning with the Jan. 22 issuance of the Lunar New Year stamp, all commemorative stamps will become Forever stamps. Once purchased, the stamps are valid literally forever – despite any future price changes. No additional postage will ever be needed.

The Postmaster General reiterated his commitment to working with Congress and the Administration, citing ongoing conversations with both the federal offices of Personnel Management (OPM) and Budget Management (OMB) to recover $6.9 billion the Postal Service has overpaid the Federal Employee Retirement System.

“We are looking for every opportunity to control costs and raise revenue. We will do everything we can to ensure that money can be used by the Postal Service to prefund retiree health care or pay down debt and avoid repeating the situation we found ourselves in with CSRS and prefunding retiree health benefits,” Donahoe said.

There is a provision in legislation currently sponsored by Sen. Susan Collins to address the overpayment. Donahoe encouraged Congress to support the Collins bill and the POST Act introduced by Sen. Tom Carper.

Donahoe was appointed Postmaster General in October by the Governors of the Postal Service and accepted the duties of the position on Dec. 7. He was administered the oath of office by Louis J. Giuliano, Board of Governors chair.

“Pat has demonstrated the ability to drive large-scale changes of the type that are necessary to ensure the long-term strength and viability of the Postal Service far into the future,” Giuliano said. “The board of Governors could not be more pleased that Pat has accepted this appointment.”

Donahoe and his service team are credited with regularly exceeding demanding performance goals and setting new records for on-time delivery and operational efficiency. He began his career as a clerk in Pittsburgh in 1975, and in 2001, became responsible for all facets of mail operations, including processing, delivery, retail, engineering, transportation and facilities. He has served in a variety of senior management positions in operations and human resources before becoming Deputy Postmaster General in 2005.

Despite the challenges facing the Postal Service, Donahoe said his belief in Postal employees and the future of the Postal Service remains strong.

“Our employees have been and always will be our greatest asset and our greatest strength,” he said. “We are the indispensible means of delivery today, and our challenge is to make sure we remain the indispensible means of delivery far into the future.”