That didn’t take long- former PMG goes to work for US Chamber of Commerce

Former Postmaster General Jack Potter didn’t take long to find gainful employment- he has apparently started work for the right wing pro-business lobbying organization:

Working on multiple fronts, Donahue announced a new project, headed by former Postmaster General of the United States Jack Potter, to open up global supply chains and logistics for American companies.“We need to connect our entire economy in a seamless 21st century system of superior transportation, high speed information, and communication technology, and modern seaports, airports, and border crossings,” he said.

via Head of U.S. Chamber ‘Cautiously Optimistic’ About Economic Recovery | World | Epoch Times.

  • Rob

    calling the Chamber of Commerce pro-right wing sounds vitriolic to me!!!! Shame on this blog—must not have read Paul Krugman, pro-leftist wing-ding……,

  • Recently Retired As Well

    Calling the US Chamber of Commerce pro-right wing is like saying that rice is white.

  • brian

    I guess I’d have to agree that it’s redundant, but vitriolic? Hardly. Here’s the definition of “right-wing” in the Oxford English Dictionary:
    “That section of a political party, assembly, or other body most tending to hold conservative or reactionary views” and here’s the definition of “right” in the political sense: “Orig. in Continental legislative chambers, the party or parties of conservative principles. Now applied generally to any political group holding conservative principles.”
    Which means you should only be offended at the term “right wing” if you are also offended at being called “conservative”.
    You could make a case that calling the Chamber fascist would be vitriolic- the same as calling the President socialist. Calling them “right wing” is simply a statement of fact.

  • Guy Nohrenberg

    If you’re saying it’s redundant, does that mean that he’s dund it before?

  • Nancy Pelosi

    Who wouldn’t be offended by being called “right wing” or conservative? Unless you carry a rifle and can see Russia from your backyard, any one would take offense to that.

  • Joanne

    Maybe Donahue can “create a job”/”new project” for the 66 Postal Employees job cuts in Grand Rapids like he did for former PM General Potter. DISGUSTING.

  • tadios

    So he hires a man that ran his company down,and left with a 5.5 million dollar golden parachute.Good luck chamber of commerce,maybe he’ll do the same for you. Good ol’ boy network at it again.

  • Poor Richard

    Genius. We wave a fond farewell, and send our kudos to the Chamber for thier incredible foresight and faith. Keep him away from the postage meter.

  • simpleton

    Chamber of Commerce sucks. There strickly big business
    all the way. What a joke for them to take on Potter. Shows just how stupid they must be.

  • OG

    The Chamber raised money from shadow sources and pumped them in ‘tea party’ candidates. That makes them pro-right wing. But wait, I thought they were pro-business. Maybe I’m confused.