Sixty six postal jobs cut in Grand Rapids

From the Grand Rapids Press:

GRAND RAPIDS — Sixty-six workers at the downtown post office were officially notified in December their jobs were eliminated. Meetings were held last week to explain how they can apply for new postal positions. James Mruk, spokesman for the U.S. Postal Service Great Lakes Region, said the 22 distribution clerks and 44 mail handlers held behind-the-scenes jobs sorting, dispatching and other tasks necessary to move mail. He said they expect placements to begin this month and continue through March. The employees were notified their jobs may be eliminated in October because of declines in mail volume. Eleven have retired or resigned. Mruk said downsizing at the Michigan Street NW site is expected to save $3.5 million in annual operating costs. The sales associates at the retail counter and letter carriers who work in that building were not affected.

  • Joanne

    Maybe Donohue can “make up a job”/”create a job” for these 66 postal workers like he did for Potter!! TOTALLY UNBELIEVABLE.

  • seenoevil

    it’s not PAT Donahue who gave Potsy a job, reread your information and you will see that U.S. Chamber of Commerce President and CEO is Thomas Donohue.

  • seenoevil

    sorry, Pat Donahoe (sp)

  • brew

    Wow .. the po will have to hire ten managers to handle the paperwork

  • Scotty “Mudbug” Moir

    What type of employee left if it was not the clerks or carriers? And they must not have been APWU represented employees because there is no excessing of employees until their contract is done. Whats up?

  • mailhandler in the zoo

    let me guess… they’re probably putting these mailhandlers on stand-by to justify this excessing? while kalamazoo mailhandlers are working up to 12 hours a day and some are even working their day off… I’m not complaining, just voicing my opinion that nothing that’s being done, or has been done, makes any sense… they need to start looking at getting rid of the “top heavy”!!!!!

  • EX PO

    Gonna need more boss jobs to make it right.

  • JimmyL

    All Chiefs…no Indians….