Siemens and Swiss Post collaborate on the merging of physical mail and electronic mail

Siemens Mobility and Swiss Post have agreed to pursue a joint marketing strategy in the field of postal automation. Both companies will go on the market for post and postal service providers with a new automation solution that converts physical mail into electronic mail. This collaboration is based on Trust-Ebox, the automation solution developed by Siemens, and on the experience Swiss Post that has gained in the electronic mail delivery. Postal customers receive their mail via Internet and can access it at all times by mobile phone or computer. Compared to similar processes, this Siemens solution enables postal companies and postal service providers to cut their costs tenfold. The Trust-Ebox is currently being put to the test together with Swiss Post in a rollout for their product, the Swiss Post Box.

People who are away a lot on business trips, lengthy vacations or simply globetrotting often come home to a mailbox that is crammed full or rarely have the time to collect their mail personally from the service provider. Sorting all incoming mail by mouse click before it is delivered and having it delivered electronically can save a lot of time, paper,expense and prevent your mailbox from being stuffed full of unsolicited advertising. While away from home, the postal customer can have all letter mail presorted and transmitted electronically by authorizing the postal service provider to scan the envelopes and to send the images by e-mail. The recipient can decide if the provider should dispose of the mail immediately, deliver it the classic way or send its scanned contents electronically.

Trust-Ebox, the automation solution from Siemens, makes this modern form of delivery possible by means of a reverse hybrid mail process that transmits physical mail to the recipient in digital form. Compared to similar processes available on the market, this solution allows postal companies and postal service providers to cut their costs as much as tenfold. It also reduces the cost of delivery above all in rural areas. Postal units in companies can likewise benefit from a partial elimination of the manual mail sorting received in their day-to-day operations because this mail is available now in digital form. Immediately after sending, important correspondence and documents can be accessed securely from any location and can be archived electronically in conformity with the law.

“The Trust-Ebox made by Siemens will play a major role in the future delivery postal processes. Our innovative sorting and scanning technology will enable postal companies to optimize their operations and postal customers to have mail delivered either digitally by e-mail or classically by physical forwarding in accordance with their own personal needs,” said Stefan Keh, CEO of the Infrastructure Logistics Business Unit of Siemens Mobility. “We have found a strong partner for the joint marketing of our Trust-Ebox in the Swiss Post, a national postal service that can look back on years of experience in the digitization of physical mail.”