The FedEx effect?

In a short item on charter schools for Fast Company, Mike Feinberg, co-founder of the KIPP chain of charter schools, talks about what he calls “the FedEx effect”:

But it also creates the FedEx effect: Where FedEx’s success forced the U.S. Postal Service to offer overnight delivery, something it thought couldn’t be done

Just one little problem- the USPS invented Express Mail in 1970, three years before FedEx introduced its own overnight service. Maybe Mike didn’t like the sound of “the postal effect”?

via Radical Idea #7 | Fast Company.

  • Cliff Claven

    USPS was the first and still the only with a guarantee ‘if not delivered on time’.
    FedEx apparently don’t trust their own system I Assume, or they would do the same!

  • DJG

    We paid how much to Fed-Ex? The Fed-Ex planes are late too often and you can bet which items are left on the dock when their planes are too full.