USPS OIG plans to spend $5 million to renovate its headquarters

Solicitation posted by the US Postal Service Office of Inspector General:

The United States Postal Service (USPS) Office of Inspector General (OIG) plans to issue a Firm Fixed Price Contract for a multi-phased Office Renovation to their Headquarters facility located at 1735 N Lynn Street, Arlington, VA. The work includes all labor and materials necessary to complete the renovations in accordance with USPS OIG approved specifications and drawings. Proposers should recognize the building is occupied and the project will be completed in multiple phases to avoid disruption of facility operations. The estimated cost of the project is between $4.8 million and $5.6 million, with construction completion within 365 calendar days from receipt of notice to proceed for the total project. The project consists of renovating 123,126 interior sf in an existing 12-story commercial office building. Work includes demolition and new work on 6 floors. Demolition work includes but is not limited to, interior partitions, casework, acoustical ceilings, lighting, mechanical diffusers and plumbing fixtures. All mechanical ductwork shall remain. New work includes new gypsum board partitions, new finishes throughout including; acoustical ceiling tiles, gypsum bulkheads, painted walls, broadloom carpet and vinyl tiles. Work also includes new lighting, electrical and IT wiring throughout and limited mechanical, plumbing and sprinkler work.

  • Terrance M Vraniak

    This whole process would be of no concern to the postal community if totally funded by Congress as it should be. Technically, it will probably still be paid by the USPS through an annual bill from Congress. This is another issue when talking postal revenue, that is the funding of the O.I.G. by the USPS. They are congressionally mandated, but since their inception, their budget came out of postal funds. Congress, I think to give the impression of paying for their expenses; only sends a bill once a year now to the USPS. If Congress is serious about fixing the USPS, it must first pay back funds that it has taken from the USPS since the founding of the OIG. It is pretty hard to fairly regulate and investigate senior management and the business that controls your budget!

  • Rob

    OIG should go away….let the IS do the work….

  • bigga

    O.I.G wants to spent $4.8 TO $5.6 million for renovating there headquaters NICE if i go over 8 hrs on my route they want to fire me and what about the station I work in it’s over fifty years old when is the O.I.G going to renovate my station?

  • JFK’s Admontion

    The OIG knows the USPS is in the red and money is at a premium for the Postal Service. To spend this money at this time is unconsciousable. This is irresponsible and reaks of the “big government can spend anything without regards to the folks paying the bills” mindset. Come on Postal OIG….remember what Kennedy said…”Ask not what your Postal Service can do for you, but what you can do for the Postal Service.”(obviously paraphrased). The building you are in was used for years by other Postal Departments with no problems….if it worked for them, surely you can make it work for you. Please lead by example….not selfish self interest.

  • Stunned

    UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! No Christmas OT!!! HURRY HURRY!!! Our furnace hasn’t worked properly for months! You know there is no money to fix it! No hot water in the SINGLE bathroom we must share with men and truck drivers! There is NO MONEY!!! Mail volume is DOWN!!! SAVE SAVE SAVE!!!!! Oh that’s right I forgot, the workers on the bottom must always support those at the top! And they wonder why we are so unhappy?

  • Guy Nohrenberg


  • mike

    my post office 24 years old now, with a sign that is so faded people dont know where even here, just had the entire ceiling tile ceiling fall in in half our building from a leaking roof. facilities said oppps maybe they can fix it this summer for now pick up the mess under 5 mins so you dont fail the mystery shopper expierence . Next person !

  • Stupid is

    The OIG loves to issue reports and press releases about “finding” waste.

    I bet if the Postal had this kind of money on their own HQ, then the OIG would have been all over that.

    Wanna guess how many people work for the OIG? About 1200.

    Talk about fraud.
    Talk about waste.
    Talk about abuse.