Exclusive! Federal Times redefines “Exclusive”

This is too funny- the Federal Times thinks they have an exclusive on the story about further reorganizations and staffing cuts at the USPS. Just one little problem- readers of this and most other postal web sites heard about the story Friday night, after a copy of the memo was published by Postcom. How the Federal Times can claim an “exclusive” on a story that was published in dozens of outlets three days ago is a mystery to me!

via Exclusive: Postal Service RIFs, early retirements coming soon – FederalTimes.com.

  • In Limbo

    They must have received their copy in the mail.

  • waitaminute

    The same information was posted on the internal liteblue page on Jan. 7, 2011. I didn’t read the memo until today.


    They removed the link sometime over the weekend but some postal employees had already printed out the article.

    Federal times and the Washington Post seems to be lifting news items from various postal websites–especially Postalnews and claiming them as “exclusive.”

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