Virginia: Undelivered mail found a second time

From the Chesterfield (VA) Observer:

Just days before Christmas, a couple of boys playing in a wooded area in a neighborhood tucked between Bailey Bridge and Hull Street roads found discarded mail in a creek.

This is the second time in about eight months that undelivered mail has been found. In April, residents in a Bon Air neighborhood found NetFlix DVDs and other mail floating in Bon Air Creek. A part-time postal service employee was arrested and charged with one count of abandoning mail, a federal offense.

In the latest incident, undelivered mail included Christmas cards, bills and packages, all of which were drenched and open.

“The mail is in the hands of the Office of the Inspector General,” said Cathy Boule, Richmond District communications coordinator for the postal service. “They are in the process of investigating the incident.”

Boule said her office is notifying the intended recipients of the mail.

via Chesterfield Observer.

  • Carter

    This is what you get when you hire on the cheap, part-time workers. You pay a fair wage to Postal Workers and you get professional results and trust in the mail delivery.

  • Unforgiven

    carter, use some common sense. it’s not all about casuals or te’s, it is also about having routes properly adjusted, offices properly staffed, and managers who know how to manage and treat their employees w/respect, as opposed to playing intimidation games. not even a casual or te should ever feel so intimidated by the supervisor, that he/she chooses to throw the mail out instead of bringing it back and/or calling for help. sadly the poor supervision and intimidation game played by postal management can push even good carriers into making really dumb decisions due to fear and stress. this is not just a problem caused by casuals or te’s…. it’s a sign of very bad management, nothing new in the post office.

  • PapaG

    Really….Unforgiven…you chalk this up to bad management? How’s that? Was there a supervisor or manager there forcing this individual to throw away or hide the mail.? Was this same manager or supervisor waiting back at the LLV to ensure that the mail was discarded? This is just another example of why the Postal Service is in trouble…..overpaid craft employees to lazy to do the most simple of tasks…put a letter in a box! Noone is required to be an MIT grad or have a degree hanging on the wall to do what a 5 year old could do…get real. By the way, if you don’t like the Postal Service be an adult and step up to try and make changes.

  • City Carrier

    No matter what the problems we are having in all crafts and managemnet ther is no excuse for dumped mail

  • jethro tull

    the carriers are told on a daily basis, dont deliver in the dark be back by 5pm. Now that volume is down they give you undertime on another route with No travel time. if it takes 15 minute to get to your half hour under time. and then 15 back to your route. It becomes a factor in the time it take to pick up and seperate the parcels and pull your DPS and the break down of the hour your splitting youve used your half hour. now it becomes overtime. The carriers are assuming more and more of the clerk work thru distribution and bringing around mail from throwback and Drop mail. weve got two zip and the both have different time we get our DPS. districtmanager and postmaster say its plant Problem. why do we need a postmaster and a district Manager?